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Rise And Fall Of Miss Thang

Doe Miller(Dormeshia Sumbry-Edward) doesn’t have a care in the world. She sleeps in all day and parties all night with her best friend Tanisha(Trina DeForneau) and her “pretty boy” boy friend Ricky(Bryan Robert Smith). Doe’s good life comes to a screeching halt when Ricky shows his true colors and Tanisha announces she is going away to college. To add insult to injury,Dee’s sole support system,her mother Josephine(Dori King),has developed a gambling addiction,which has put everything they own in jeopardy. During this tumultuous time,Dee meets a handsome young man Nicholas(Martin ‘Tre’Dumas III) who brings her back to an art form that has always been close to her heart,Tap Dancing, Now she must decide if she can really take tap dancing seriously when everything around her is falling apart.

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