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Trois 3:The Escort

Distributor's Synopsis-This African American movie is about Trent Meyer(Brian White).A rap concert he is promoting loses big money.He is forced to become a high-priced escort to pay off is debt to ruthless mobster Benny Grier(Isaiah Washington).But while in the throes of a torrid affair with his beautiful powerful boss,Kyria(Patrice Fischer),Trent falls in love with one of the madams's gorgeous call girls(Reagan Gomez-Preston;Beauty Shop). With dangerous consequences looming,he soon finds that the price of love may be too much to pay.

This is the second sequel to Trois.Contrary to what the general public perceptions on the quality of sequels,meaning that sequels can't be better than the first.

Well this sequel just destroy that perception. This movie was directed by new French director SKAV ONE. He definitely brings a European feel to this movie.

It was produced by Dianne Ashord and Angi Bones producer of EVE'S BAYOU.

This is one African American movie that really raises the bar in visual style. Skav One is really a name that will be well known very,very soon.He will be added to list of creative Black directors in cinema. The visual style of this movie is impressive. This is one movie that went straight to DVD,that could possibly air on HBO. It's that good.
Trent Meyer............Brian White
Kyria Bynam............Patrice Fischer
Lena.........................Reagan Gomez-Preston
Written By Mr. Anderson
Directed By Skav One

All Rights Reserved copyright by 2005/6245
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