Written and Directed by Tyler Maddox-Simms
Directed By Spike Lee
Written By Drayton Jamison Directed by Ray Culpepper
Written By Mr. Anderson Directed by Skav One
Written and Directed by Rob Hardy
Written by Duane Martin,Directed by Craig Ross Jr.
Written and Directed by Ray Cullpepper
Directed by Craig Ross Jr.

Written and Directed by Po Johns
Directed by Tim Reid
Written and Directed by Craig Ross Jr.
Written by Preston Whitmore and Joyce Lewis Directed by Neema Barnette
Directed by Sophie Miller>

Coming This Football Season,Halftime Slideshow.

Check out some samples below in the slideshow.The music is from the link below the dark table.

The track in the background is from Bootsy Collins latest CD Play With Bootsy;the title of the track is FUNKY AND YOU KNOW IT.To order it click on Bootsy CD.
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