Emery Simms(Shemar Moore), is a prominent business man in Atlanta. He has everything: a beautiful and intelligent wife,Connie Simms(Vicica A.Fox),a million dollar home in upscale Atlanta;but he wants more. An insider deal goes from bad to worse when a player backs out of a deal that could increase his wealth.

Atlanta’s finest are hot on his trail.He quell’s their suspicion of him because he is smooth,cool and smart. A beautiful,seductive,cool sultress woman,AllanahJames(Golden Brooks)capture’s his attention.

For some strange reason they end up running into each other. A one night stand is not enough for this siren she has a plan. A plan that could possible ruin Emery’s marriage and his reputation.

Connie has a foundation,in which it is in dire need of financial help.Her financing is the result of her negotiating and people skills. The business people in Atlanta know of her husband’s reputation;in which is hurting her ability to recieve financing of her foundation.

Allannah James is a young sultress.She loves to party. But her partying ways and late nights are her downfall. Guess who come to rescue?Emery save her from living on the streets by providing her in secret hideaway. She also has some dark secrets in which adds to her dilema.

Emery’s best friend from college,Brandon Collier(Sean Blakemoore)manages his restaurant. He is Emery’s sounding board for advice on to get out of tough predicaments.He has no woman.

Only the life of a manager of his best friend’s upscale restaurant.He never could beat Emery at anything.Emery always had the upper hand over him.

Shemar Moore Emery Simms
Vicica A. Fox Constance Simms
Sean Blakemoore Brandon Collier
Golden Brooks Allannah James
Victorua Rowell Detective Pierce
Mel Jackson Detective Morgan
Caryn Ward Gwendolyn
Keshia Knight Pulliam Letrice
Directed by Craig Ross Jr.