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Darfur Concert Tour

Los Angeles (BUSINESS WIRE) --, the world’s leading lifestyle portal, today announced “Rock for Darfur,” a campaign to raise awareness and funds for the humanitarian crisis in the Sudan. Through a partnership with MySpace bands nationwide and Oxfam, the leading international relief and development organization, the campaign marks the company’s largest philanthropic effort to date and will include a Rock for Darfur 20-concert event, a PSA featuring Samuel L. Jackson, and interactive components found on the Rock for Darfur MySpace profile at

“The crisis in Darfur is a global concern and as a global community we have a responsibility to take action,” said Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace. “MySpace’s reach gives us an extraordinary opportunity to spread the word and empower individuals to help address the horrors in Darfur.

” On October 21, more than 20 Rock For Darfur concerts will be held across North America in an effort to unite artists nationwide during one day of already-planned performances. All bands involved in the Rock for Darfur event will donate portions of ticket proceeds to Oxfam’s relief efforts in Sudan and neighboring Chad. Bands participating in the Rock for Darfur campaign represent all genres including pop, rock, country and reggae and will be performing in all corners of the country.

"I've been watching the news reports and it brings tears to my eyes and anger to my heart when I see what is happening in Darfur right now,” said musician Ziggy Marley. “How can we sit by and not find a way to help? Together every little bit will add up.

” The PSA featuring Samuel L Jackson will air in theaters preceding various Twentieth Century Fox films during the month of October in addition to broadcast, cable and various Internet properties including MySpace which, according to comScore Media Metrics in August 2006, has more than 30 billion page views per month.

The online campaign on the Rock for Darfur profile features video from George Clooney’s recent trip to Darfur, an excerpt from the forthcoming documentary about the crisis, The Devil Came on Horseback, and background information for individuals to host Darfur Dialogues around the country on October 21, the day of the Rock For Darfur concerts. Individuals can contribute to Oxfam’s relief efforts through the page as well.


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