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Jazzy Crochet

Welcome to Jazzy Crochet, a place to kick your feet up; and enjoy some crocheting fun! :-)

My name is Stacy, and I am an avid crocheter; & crafts enthusiast. I've been crocheting for 30 plus years, and enjoy it now more than ever. Why, because I keep learning. There's always a new technique to learn or improve upon, withg crocheting.

Crocheting is a great stress reducer for me, after a long day at work; or a busy day with the family. It's my way to unwind in the evening.

It's during these crochet evenings, that I like to set aside time to crochet for charity; as well as work on personal projects. It just takes a few short minutes to create a granny square for a multi-square blankie, or a square large enough to be a blankie(20x20inches in size); that would provide warmth to a premature baby. Or, work along, row to row; on a one piece blankie for a pre-mature baby. I also enjoy crocheting baby hats for premature babies. These hats & blankies are donated to a childrens hospital here in Missouri. Information about A Caring Hearts Project: Comforting Special Angels...Missouri Chapter, can be found on the link below. Please take a moment to check out our webpage.

I will be setting up my pages of my own free original crochet patterns in the coming weeks, and some crafts projects, n' recipes. Please bookmark this site and check back often to see what we have added here. Have a great Crochet Day! :-)

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