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Bill & Annie Allan's web page

Bill & Annie

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We live in Butler County, about thirty-five
miles due north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our kids include four horses —
Star, Marlene, Francis Germaine, and Epona
Marty — along with Buddy the dog,
and barncats Bootsie and Vanilla.

Amanda, Annie & Epona
Our sister, Mary Bartholomew, took this picture through Star's legs. That's our niece Amanda, Annie, and Epona getting cozy.
No, this isn't bear bait. It's Francis Germaine, aka Gerry, a few hours old.
More naked pictures.

Annie has worked as an apprentice in the local electrician's union, an aerobics instructor, and as a secretary in a law office.

She is now a certified massage therapist (CMT), and creates her own body lotions and massage oils.

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And they thought Fox was a spooky kid! Bill's science-fiction, dark-fantasy and crime stories have appeared, or are slated to appear, in TransVersions 10, Spellbound, NFG Issue 3, Jintsu Electronic Texts, F/SF, In the Outposts of Beyond, Deathgrip 3, Dark Streets: After Hours, Fictionwise, and Barnes & Noble

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