Welcome to my jazz banjo mirror web all jazz- and banjolovers.

Welcome to my jazz banjo mirror web all jazz- and banjolovers. And also to Love Anderson(Borgesjo) in Arizona US.My stepsons son and my wifes grandchild. I am refreshing my homepages with new pics both banjo, jazz and jazz-and banjofriends. And about my grandson Love Andersson who now lives in Arizona.I have some nice pics for you Love. Just click and follow the pages. You are going to see some of my encounters with jazz celebrities as Louis Armstrong, Delta Rythm boys and George Lewis together with other New Orleans jazz legends.And about my dad who played jazz from the late 30:ies to mid 60:ies. But also todays stars like Jim Mc Intosh. And of course pics from touring with Second Line Jazzband on the jazzfestivals in Europe. Don not miss pages 25 and 16. And of course banjos. From Bacon & Day to Gibson and Weymann. And my banjoprojects. So welcome to take a dive into Anders Wasens jazz-and banjo world. News: Added The banjo tale or how I found the banjo of my dreams in a remote village and fullfilled a ladys dream of hearing it play. See also my photoalbum currently updated at http://web.me.com/banjoatte/Webbplats/Senaste_import.html

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For our Grandson Love Andersson in Scottsdale

Our lost grandson Love Andersson in Phoenix Arizona.
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