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Welcome to Integrity Cats!

Barb Azan and Azima Timsal Zarif, circa 1979.

This site contains information about the pedigree honesty and accuracy of certain registered Turkish Angora cats, which belonged to the late Barbara Azan of Azima Turkish Angoras. These pages will explain which Azima cats were present in Barb's home when she passed away on November 17, 2008. We will then explain the process that was used to identify and register the cats in question, with supporting documents. The purpose of this site is to clear up misinformation that has been distributed.

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  • Azima Crystal Legacy
  • Azima Flash Dancer
  • Azima Gilda
  • Azima Gold Rush
  • Azima Golden Jaspurr
  • Azima Jingle
  • Azima Lord Byron
  • Azima Misty Rose
  • Azima Purrfect Blossom
  • Azima Purrfect Ellie Gantz
  • Azima Purrfect Lily
  • Azima Purrfect Posy
  • Azima Purrfect Wonder
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