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Singles Match
Matt Sydal vs. Alex Shelley vs. The Hurricane

Sabu vs. Justin Credible

Shawn Michaels vs. Big Show vs. JBL vs. Samoa Joe

Winner Advances to the Elimination Chamber
Kurt Angle vs. Triple H vs. Raven

Main Event
Champion vs. Champion Non-Title Match
CM Punk Vs. Billy Kidman

Card subject to change

Velocity Results


(The IWF logo flashes across the screen. Saturday Night Velocity video and theme song blasts across your television set before opening up to ringside with Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott.)

Josh Matthews: We are less than a week removed from Vengeance and what a pay-per-view it was. I’m Josh Matthews alongside my broadcast colleague, Bill DeMott. Welcome to Velocity!

Bill DeMott: Junior, this company is shaping into a juggernaut and the wrestling world better watch out.

(“Stand Back, There’s a Hurricane Coming Through” hits the pa system.)

Tony Chimel: The following mach is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 195 pounds.. Hurricane!

Josh Matthews: What a way to open up Velocity with Cruiserweight action!

Bill DeMott: Billy Kidman may have won the Cruiserweight Championship at Vengeance, but he’s got a target on his back.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, weighing in at 196 pounds, Alex Shelllleyyy!

(Alex Shelley’s music blasts across the pa system.)

Josh Matthews: The debut of Alex Shelley, a man who is looking to prove himself here in the IWF. A welcomed edition to the roster.

Bill DeMott: Everyone is looking to prove themselves Josh and if they are not, they don’t belong here.

Hebner calls for the bell, Ding, ding ding

Josh Matthews: Alex Shelley pounces at the sound of the bell and dropkicks Hurricane. Hurricane back on his feet. Shelley off the ropes over top of Hurricane. Hurricane a duck under. Shelley with another dropkick!

Bill DeMott: Fast paced Velocity action right here on Saturday’s nights, Junior.

Josh Matthews: Shelley is still on the attack. He springs onto Hurricane with a diving hurricanrana sending Hurricane through the ropes and onto the ring apron. Hurricane slowly pulls himself up on the ropes. Shelley runs at him but Hurricane gets a foot into Shelley’s face. Shelly takes a few steps back. Hurricane springboarding off that top rope with a flying Tornado DDT.

Hebner counts, 1……2…

Bill DeMott: Shelley kicks out. This division impresses me more and more.

Josh Matthews: See I told you Bill!

Bill DeMott: Don’t press your luck, Junior. Enzuigiri from Shelley to Hurricane. Hurricane crumbles. Shelley better cover him.

Josh Matthews: Shelley picking Hurricane up. Could it be that Slice Bread Number Two?! Shelley latching onto Hurricane, climbing the ropes but Hurricane sends Shelley flying into the turnbuckle pads. Shelley on his knees and a SHINING WIZARD! Hurricane with the victory?!

Bill DeMott: Hurricane missed it! Shelley on his feet with the… What was that?!

Josh Matthews: He calls the move the Shellshock and one!

Hebner counts, 1…..2…..3!

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, Alex Shellllleyyy!

(Alex Shelley’s music hits the pa system with Billy Kidman walking out on stage and applauding him.)

Josh Matthews: There is our Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman!

Bill DeMott: He might have the belt on his shoulder now and applauding Alex Shelley may be the right thing to do but Shelley wants what he has!

Goes to commercial

Josh Matthews: And we are back....

("I'm Back" hits the pa system signifying Eric Bischoff coming to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the President of the Insane Wrestling Federation, Eric Bischoff!

Eric Bischoff: Give me that mic!

(Fans boo.)

Eric Bischoff: You know I am getting sick of you people already!

(Fans chant CM Punk.)

Eric Bischoff: Do not chant that name! It's forbidden! He may have won the United States title but I guarantee he will not win the Championship at SummerSlam inside the Elimination Chamber because I have stacked the odds against him! Because tonight, two BIG superstars and I mean big will fight it out. It will be The Big Show taking on JBL with the winner advancing to the Chamber. Good luck Punk!

(HBK's theme music hits the pa system.)

Josh Matthews: Shawn Michaels is here!

Shawn Michaels: I keep hearing about CM Punk this and CM Punk that. You're forgetting one major factor here Bischoff and that's me. H-B-K!

(The fans explode.)

Bill DeMott: Something big is going on!

Josh Matthews: Here comes Big Show and JBL fighting back through the curtain. This match isn't scheduled until later!

Eric Bischoff: The hell are you two doing? Stop this immediately!

(HBK steps out of the way.)

Bill DeMott: These two behemoths couldn't wait! They are brawling on the entrance ramp.

Josh Matthews: HBK is staying out of this one!

Eric Bischoff: Screw it! Get me a ref out here! This match starts now!

Josh Matthews: Here comes referee Nick Patrick our senior official!

Bill DeMott: Look it Junior! Samoa Joe is creeping up behind on HBK!

Josh Matthews: HBK notices it and Sweet Chin Music's Samoa Joe! Joe is out cold!

Bill DeMott: They don't call him the Heart Break Kid for nothing! Why did he do that?

Josh Matthews: I think everyone is happy about that one! HBK just Sweet Chin Music to JBL! Now Big Show but Show catches HBK's foot. He chokeslams HBK on the stage!

Bill DeMott: This is getting out of control!

Eric Bischoff: Enough with this chaos! Get me security out here!

Josh Matthews: Now comes about a dozen security guards. It is going to take a lot to get this big man down!

Bill DeMott: CM Punk is out here! He knocks Big Show in the back with a chair.

Eric Bischoff: Punk! You stop it now! You will pay for this!

Goes to commercial

Josh Matthews: We are back. Moments ago complete and utter destruction happened out here.

Bill DeMott: Total disregard for our boss Eric Bischoff. Absolute disrespect.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 228 pounds, Lance Stormmm!

(Lance Storm's boring music plays.)

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, weighing in at 220 pounds, Sabuuuuuu!

(Arabian music plays across the in house pa system.)

Ding, ding ding

Josh Matthews: Referee Charles Robinson signaling for the bell. Kevin Sullivan outside of the ring! I just don't trust the guy!

Bill DeMott: Forget about him Junior and focus on the match please.

Josh Matthews: Sabu trying to take down Storm but Storm with the double leg takedown. Storm locking on a STF quickly but Sabu is close to the ropes. Storm is tough to mat wrestle with.

Bill DeMott: Sabu better stick to brawling! Sabu with a dropkick. Storm off the ropes into a clothesline. Sabu climbs to the top rope. He flies off with a leg drop.

Robinson counts, 1....2...

Josh Matthews: Close one! Storm with an arm drag takedown. He locks in an arm bar. What is RVD doing out here?

(Fans cheer.)

Bill DeMott: RVD grabs a steel chair! Kevin Sullivan argues with him at ringside!

Josh Matthews: Where did he come from? That is Justin Credible! He just cracked RVD from behind with a kendo stick! Now Sabu over the top rope with a plancha onto Justin Credible. These fans erupt.

Bill DeMott: Lance Storm is on the top rope and flies off with a cross body onto Sabu.

Josh Matthews: RVD is back up and cracks Storm in the head with the chair at the same time as Justin Credible cracks Sabu in the head with a kendo stick!

Bill DeMott: Charles Robinson has seen enough.

Ding, ding ding

Tony Chimel: Referee Charles Robinson has ruled this match a draw!

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding

Bill DeMott: You can ring that bell as much as you want but they ain't gonna stop!

Josh Matthews: They are fighting through the crowd with these weapons. Don't go away fans we have to go to a commercial break!

Goes to commercial

(Backstage inside the President's office.)

Eric Bischoff: I got it! JBL and Big Show are in the Chamber!

(Bischoff hangs up his cell phone as Kurt Angle and Triple H walk in arguing.)

Kurt Angle: Milk is the absolute healthiest pre game warm up!

Triple H: Not happening!

Eric Bischoff: Listen up! I've had enough tonight. This show is an absolute disaster! Now I need you to both go out there and take care of CM Punk. I could care less about Raven. CM Punk is our primary focus. Take him out, injure him and put him on the disabled list. The fact is, I don't want him walking out of Colorado tonight! And there is only one more spot left in the Elimination Chamber. I have decided since JBL and Big Show was a no contest that they both are now in the Chamber at SummerSlam. So one of you two need to prove to me he earns the last spot. Got it?

Triple H: You didn't hire "The Game" for nothing Eric. I'll get the job done.

Kurt Angle: I believe I was the handpicked superstar to help our great boss, Eric Bischoff.

Triple H: Oh yeah? Then why didn't you get the job done at Vengeance?

Kurt Angle: You got a lot of nerve bringing that up, pal!

Eric Bischoff: Quiet! Go get the job done or you'll both be out of one!

(Camera to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: The following contest is the main event of the evening and is a tag team match. Making his way to the ring first, weighing in at 240 pounds, Kurt Anglleeee!

("Medals" blasts across the pa system with fans chanting "You Suck" along to the music.)

Tony Chimel: And his tag team partner, weighing in at 270 pounds, "The Game" Triple H!

("It's All About the Game" hits the pa system.)

Josh Matthews: These two have their Game faces on!

Bill DeMott: Your puns kill me, Junior!

Tony Chimel: And their opponents, first on his way to the ring, weighing in at 253 pounds, Ravveeeennnnn!

("Crows" sound off.)

Tony Chimel: And his tag team partner, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is the IWF United States Champion, C...M... Punnkkkkk!

(""Miseria Cantare" by AFI hits the pa system and the fans erupt.)

Nick Patricks calls for the bell, Ding, ding ding.

Josh Matthews: This should be a great main event here on Saturday Night Velocity. Kurt Angle and Triple H taking on CM Punk and Raven.

Bill DeMott: These are some of the top superstars in our company kid. Sit back and learn something.

Josh Matthews: Angle and Punk start it off. Triple H and Angle arguing who will get their hands on Punk first. Angle charges Punk who quickly dodges and hits him with a drop kick. Angle bounces up and tries again but Punk quick thinking with another dropkick. Punk throws a kick but Angle catches it. An enzuguiri! Angle charges again but Punk with a quick firearm's carry.

Bill DeMott: Angle retreats into his team's corner! Punk better wipe that smirk off his face!

Josh Matthews: It's not very often an Olympic Gold Medalist gets outperformed. Triple H wants some of Punk. Angle tags in Triple H. Triple H charges and attempts a flying knee but misses. Punk sweeps Triple H's legs. He covers but Triple H bench pressing him off angrily.

Bill DeMott: Punk ducking the back elbow and flying off with a senton. Triple H falls backwards off the ropes. He is back up.

Josh Matthews: Angle distracts the ref and CM Punk. Triple H with the low blow from behind.

(Fans boo.)

Josh Matthews: Uncalled for!

Bill DeMott: The boss wants the trash taken out, Junior.

Josh Matthews: Not the way to do it. And Raven could care less.

Bill DeMott: Triple H with an explosive atomic drop.

Ref counts, 1....2...

Josh Matthews: You're not going to be the United States Champion like that! Triple H with a jumping knee drop. He mounts Punk and is clobbering him with punches. Stop this ref!

Bill DeMott: He needs to learn! Punk is up and Triple H hits him with the Spinebuster! He tags in Angle. Angle with that Ankle Lock! Tap out Punk or your leg will be broken.

Josh Matthews: That is the same ankle that Angle worked on Punk with at Vengeance. Punk looking for the tag. He is so close. Punk rolls through sending Angle face first into the turnbuckle pad. Punk for the tag! Raven just dropped down off the apron. Raven is walking away leaving Punk to himself. Bischoff must have gotten to him.

Bill DeMott: Why does it always have to be President Bischoff's fault? You got a lot of nerve kid.

Josh Matthews: Why? Because he publicly expresses his hatred for CM Punk.

Bill DeMott: Because Punk stuck his nose in the bosses business!

Josh Matthews: Angle with the Olympic Slam. Angle bragging. Triple H tags himself in.

Bill DeMott: A Pedigree! Ankle Lock. Olympic Slam. Pedigree. Game. Point. Match!

Josh Matthews: Triple H and Kurt Angle are arguing over who is going to pin CM Punk. They are shoving each other. Bischoff running to the ring yelling at both of them.

Bill DeMott: Triple H is the legal man. Kurt Angle, Triple H and Bischoff now in a three way argument. Angle now stands on the apron next to Bischoff.

Josh Matthews: And Triple H is in the ring telling Angle to get to the corner. Bischoff is trying to plead with them. A school boy. Punk covers hooking the tights.

Referee counts, 1.....2.....3!

Tony Chimel: The winners of this match, Raven and C...M... PunkkkkK!

("Miseria Cantare" by AFI blasts across the pa. Punk retreats through the crowd.)

Josh Matthews: Punk gets the win! Punk does it!

Bill DeMott: This ain't over. Triple H and Kurt Angle are continuing their argument in the ring.

Josh Matthews: They are going at it! Bischoff can't believe his eyes.

Bill DeMott: The poor frustration on Mr. Bischoff's face! Triple H Pedigrees Kurt Angle

Josh Matthews: Fans we ran out of time, see you next week!

Camera fades

IWF Copyright 2020(Camera fades)

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