The Rules

1. Have Fun. This fed is intended for entertainment and enjoyment. Do not take it personal, or take personal shots at other people in the fed.

2. Do Not use other people in roleplays unless you have their permission.(examples would be.. attacking someone, etc.)

3. Two wrestler's per e-mail account.

4. You must roleplay in order to win and succeed. Failure to roleplay in a three week period without notifying management will result in your termination.

5. NO COMPLAINING! This may be the most important rule. It will not be tolerated.

6. Roleplays will be judged on length, quality, quantity, entertainment value and originality. Roleplays must be submitted to the board by 6 p.m.(EST) the day of the event.

7. Keep the cussing down, and stick to what is used on television. Avoid frequent use of the F word.

8. No religious or racist comments will be tolerated.

9. ALL WRESTLERS MUST BE REAL WWF/E, TNA, ROH or OVW SUPERSTARS ONLY from 2002-2005 time period. NO CREATED WRESTLERS!! Please check Available Roster for who's available.