Ross Report for August 6, 2020

Random thoughts from under the black Resistol hat. IWF did it again with the first ever Saturday Night Velocity. Eric Bischoff is on a roll with this new company, IWF. First he broadcasted a PPV called Vengeance now a syndicated television show Velocity. What's next for this company?

Rumor has it that IWF has signed a major superstar.

The Impact Players have declared war on the tag team division. Lance Storm had a bit of a singles career going but resurrected his team with Justin Credible this past week on Velocity.

Alex Shelley had a big debut match on Velocity this week which impressed IWF Management. He certainly is a star to look out for in the cruiserweight division.

Kurt Angle and Triple H had some tension at the end of the main event on Velocity. The tag team lost to CM Punk and Raven. Angle and Triple H will see each other this week along with Raven in a triple threat. The winner of that match will gain the final position in the Elimination Chamber.

Speaking of CM Punk, the heat continues on him with Eric Bischoff. He manage to pull off a big win this week on Velocity, even with Raven abandoning him. Bischoff is not going to be happy next week on Velocity.

Matt Sydal has signed with the IWF and has been boosted into the Cruiserweight division. Keep an eye on him.

Sabu and RVD are teaming up as it appears but manager, Kevin Sullivan, still appears unhappy with this decision. This duo appears to have their sights set on the Impact Players

Take care, see you next week!


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