IWF Summerslam 2020

IWF Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
??? vs. ???

IWF Cruiserweight Championship
Billy Kidman (champion) vs. ???

Main Event
Elimination Chamber Match
IWF Championship
CM Punk vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Big Show vs. JBL vs. ???

Vengeance Results

(The pay-per-view warning flashes across the screen followed by the IWF logo. Right as Vengeance comes on the air and the official Vengeance theme “Price to Play" by Staind is cut off as the fans hear a sickening theme of “I’m Back”.)

Josh Matthews: Welcome everybody to Vengeance. This card has been shaping up for weeks now and it is sure to be a good one.

Bill DeMott: Junior, I don’t know a better way to spend a Sunday night than sitting next to me for a pay-per-view.

Josh Matthews: We have two championship matches set here tonight including the Cruiserweight Championship and the United States Championship.

Bill DeMott: What do you know about championships, Josh? You’ve never been a champion and you need to be quiet because the IWF President is coming out.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the President of the Insane Wrestling Federation.. Eric BISCHOFFFF!

(Bischoff gets in the ring as he grabs a microphone from Tony Chimel. Bischoff walks to the center of the ring and looks out in to the crowd as they continue to chant "ASSHOLE!".)

Eric Bischoff: You know, if it weren’t for me, none of you people would be here right now. (crowd boos) I didn’t come out here to listen to you idiots call me an Asshole! As a matter of fact, I should be receiving an enormous amount of cheers for what I have built here on only night one. For god’s sake people, you are going to get the best pro wrestling action that money can buy. You are going to see the Cruiserweight Division in action, a mini tournament which will crown a new United States Champion and last but not least, this!

Josh Matthews: Bill, look at that ten tons of steel hanging above us!

Eric Bischoff: The Elimination Chamber! Well, you’re going to have to wait for that. (crowd boos more) Because at next month’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, six IWF superstars will go in and only one will walk out as the new IWF Champion. And tonight, you will get a taste of just who will enter that Chamber. Because we have not one but TWO qualifying matches! And at next week’s first ever edition of Saturday Night Velocity.. A lot of firsts here in the Insane Wrestling Federation. At Velocity, we will see several more qualifying matches to see just who enters the Chamber. But enough about all of that, I want to start off Vengeance and showcase a premiere world class athlete. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, my and YOUR Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle!

(The crowd boos loudly as the theme of Kurt Angle is heard. The Denver fanbase chants along with his theme song, “You Suck”.)

Bill DeMott: What an athlete this guy is! He would whoop you, Josh.

Josh Matthews: I don’t doubt that a minute.

(Angle smiles as Eric hands him the microphone.)

Kurt Angle: What? You morons seemed surprised to see me ha ha ha. Shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, I mean come on, think about it. We just celebrated Independence Day for the greatest country in the world. It is Vengeance baby and tonight we crown the first ever IWF United States Champion. Of course, Eric Bischoff would bring in the best athlete not in the country, not just in the world but an Olympic Gold Medalist. This man right here had a vision and that vision is playing out. After Vengeance runs its course, not only will I be the United States Champion, but you people will have witnessed history first hand.

(Kurt Angle is interrupted by “Miseria Cantare - The Beginning” by AFI as CM Punk makes his way out to an overwhelmingly chorus of cheers.)

Josh Matthews: CM Punk is here! Things are about to pick up.

Bil DeMott: How rude to interrupt an Olympic Hero.

(CM Punk steps in the ring and looks Angle straight in the eye before snatching the microphone from Bischoff.)

CM Punk: Well, well, well. Kurt Angle is in the IWF. Boy, Eric you really ARE desperate aren’t you? You're worried about star power I see. Is that right Eric? Huh? Well look no further, you have the savior, you have the man that will bring the IWF to the promise land. C…M.. PUNK!! You brought Angle out here to pre-celebrate? He hasn’t faced me yet in the semi-finals. Don’t put the horse before the cart their Eric because Angle won’t even see the finals tonight in the main event.

(The crowd pops. Kurt Angle takes a swing at Punk but Punk ducks.)

Josh Matthews: They’re going at it! Punk with a flurry of rights and he sends Angle to the outside of the ring. Wait! Bischoff is sneaking up on Punk.

Bill DeMott: Get ‘em boss! Punk delivers this. No! Punk caught him with a right! You can’t touch him.

Josh Matthews: CM Punk just laid out our IWF President! He is setting up for a Shining Wizard but wait.. Angle connects with the Angle Slam to CM Punk. Bischoff and Angle are now standing in the middle of the ring with their hands raised high.

Bill DeMott: Listen junior, Punk had it coming to him. You just don’t put your hands on the boss. This is night one of the IWF and Punk has the audacity to not only interrupt the President, put his hands on him and disrespect Kurt Angle.

Josh Matthews: What does this mean for CM Punk’s IWF future?

Goes to PPV Commercial of next month’s SummerSlam event

Josh Matthews: Up next is Kidman and Hurricane for the IWF Cruiserweight Championship.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, the opening contest of the evening is scheduled for one fall and is for the IWF Cruiserweight Championship. Making his way to the ring first, weighing in at 191 pounds, The Hurricane!

(“Stand Back, a Hurricane’s Coming Through” fills the arena and the fans erupt in cheers as Hurricane comes to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, he weighed in at 195 pounds, Billy Kidman!

(Kidman’s music hits the in-house pa system. The arena is on their feet and cheer for Billy Kidman.)

Josh Matthew: This certainly is going to be a treat here to kick off Vengeance. Referee, Charles Robinson, has the Cruiserweight title in his hands. Kidman and Hurricane look set for this one to start.

Bill DeMott: These guys are tiny!

Robinson calls for the bell, DING DING DING!

(Kidman and Hurricane start to circle the ring looking at each other until finally they lock up in the center of the ring.)

Josh Matthews: Hurricane is being pushed into the corner and throws a defensive headlock on Kidman. He is wrenching Kidman’s neck. Kidman though utilizing those turnbuckle pads to his advantage as he walks up them and hits a bulldog!

Bill DeMott: Look he’s going for the cover already. Not even a one count.

Josh Matthews: Kidman whipping Hurricane off the ropes after a charge. Kidman ducks under and Hurricane bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a flying clothesline! Kidman is down!

Robinson counts, 1…..2..

Bill DeMott: Not quite. They’re both back on their feet for more. Hurricane with a swinging neckbreaker.

Josh Matthews: You’ve got to give it to them Bill. They’re laying it all on the line. Great way to kick off Vengeance with my new color commentator, Bill DeMott!

Bill DeMott: Don’t be so enthused, Junior. This moron Hurricane is climbing the top rope. Kidman already caught him up there.

Josh Matthews: Kidman charging the ropes and taking Hurricane off-balance. Ouch that had to hurt!

Bill DeMott: And Kidman sends Hurricane all the way from the top rope to the outside mats. Now we are talking.

Josh Matthews: Suicide dive! Did you see that, Bill?! Kidman sacrificing his body and risking it all at a chance to be the first ever IWF Cruiserweight Champion.

Bill DeMott: I’m watching, Junior.

Josh Matthews: The shear speed and ability from these two superstars. They are putting the Cruiserweight division back on the map!

Bill DeMott: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have an entire show ahead of us kid.

(The fans pop and chant Kidman’s name.)

Josh Matthews: Kidman sends Hurriane back into the ring.

Robinson breaks at the count of 5.

Bill DeMott: Kidman thinks he has it won.

Robinson counts, 1….2…

Josh Matthews: A break up. I thought he may have had it. Kidman working his way up to the top rope, possibly looking for the Shooting Star Press, Bill?

Bill DeMott: No way kid. Hurricane is on his feet.

Josh Matthews: Missile drop kick! Wait, Hurricane moved out of the way. Kidman is hurt. Hurricane off the ropes with a Tornado DDT.

Bill DeMott: Crash landing. Bad decision on Kidman’s part.

Robinson counts, 1……2….

Josh Matthews: KICK OUT! Near fall. Hurricane climbing the top turnbuckle as Kidman gets up. Hurricane flies off like a superhero for a flying crossbody.

Robinson counts, 1…..2…..

Josh Matthews: Almost a 3 count! Kidman is reeling.

Bill DeMott: Look out, there’s an Eye of the Hurricane coming through.

Josh Matthews: It’s stand back Bill.

Bill DeMott: That’s what I said. Don’t correct me.

Josh Mathews: Hurricane setting up for the Eye of the Hurricane. But Kidman turns around. Hurricane attempts to connect with his finishing move but Kidman spins through it and tosses Hurricane chest first into the turnbuckles.

Bill DeMott: Hurricane bouncing off and turning around as Kidman plants him with a BK Bomb!

Robinson counts, 1……2….

Josh Matthews: Hurricane manages to flop out of it. Kidman looks to climb the turnbuckle to finish this match. But Hurricane pops up and knocks Kidman to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Hurricane goes for a top rope Frankensteiner but Kidman pushes him hard off the top rope to the canvas.

Bill DeMott: That top rope is causing some bad decisions. Hurricane is on his back. This is enough time for Kidman.


Robinson counts, 1……2……3!

Josh Matthews: This one’s over Bill, we’ve got ourselves a new Cruiserweight Champion.

Tony Chimel: The winner of this bout, and NEWWWWW IWF Cruiserweight Champion, Billy KIDMAN!

Bill DeMott: Our first Cruiserweight Champion junior.

(The camera goes to Eric Bischoff’s office.)

Eric Bischoff: Can you believe this? The balls this guy has. That’s it. He’s done. His IWF career is finished, TOAST! You don’t put your hands on Eric Bischoff. Just who does he think he is?

(Angle smiles, preparing for his match.)

Kurt Angle: Relax Eric. I’ll take care of it just like I did out there before. This pay-per-view is a victory already. I mean did you just see that Cruiserweight title match? That was awesome! And when I win the United States title it is going to be the icing on the cake!

Eric Bischoff: What’s going to be awesome is the look on Punk’s face when you snap his ankle!

Kurt Angle: I’ll take care of it boss!

(Angle throws his straps from his singlet over his shoulders and heads out to the ring.)

Josh Matthews: We are moments away from the highly anticipated Angle Punk match here folks. This should be one for the ages.

(Angle’s music blasts over the PA system. You Suck” chants ring out with Kurt Angle cockily marching to the ring.)

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall, and it is the Semi-Finals for the IWF United States Championship tournament. First on his way to the ring, weighing in at 240 pounds, he is an Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle!

(“Miseria Cantare - The Beginning” by AFI blares over the announce system.)

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, he weighs in at 195 pounds, C….M… PUNK!

(Crowd bursts into cheers)

Josh Matthews: Oh my whatta match up this is going to be. Punk and Angle are just about ready to square off. Ya gotta think what's going through these talented superstars minds.

Bill DeMott: Punk is charging the ring at Angle.. The bell hasn’t rung and these two are going at it outside.

Josh Matthews: Punk is relentless. Wait, the tides are turning, Angle tosses Punk into the steel ring steps. He thinks this is funny.

Bill DeMott: So do I.

Josh Matthews: This is No Laughing Matter.

Bill DeMott: You stealing punch lines, Junior?

Josh Matthews: Look at Angle. He thinks he is all high and mighty. No not again! Angle tossing Punk into the steel steps again. The fans are booing and so am I. Get this thing in the ring.

Bill DeMott: Punk is the one who prematurely started this thing. There you go, Angle is helping Punk into the ring.

Brian Hebner calls for the bell, Ding, ding ding.

Bill DeMott: There the match started, are you happy now Josh?

Josh Matthews: Angle continuing to stomp on Punk. Punk reaching for the ropes to get up.

Bill DeMott: Not a good way to start the match. And here comes the IWF President, Eric Bischoff, to the ring.

(The fans boo Bischoff.)

Josh Matthews: What is he doing out here?

Bill DeMott: Making sure Punk doesn’t cheat probably.

Josh Matthews: Why would Punk cheat? He lives a Straight Edge Lifestyle unlike others.

Bill DeMott: Don’t look at me. I am as healthy as a horse.

Josh Matthews: Angle now stomping on the ankle of Punk. Talk about cheating. Kurt Angle is using that bottom rope to apply pressure on the leg of CM Punk. Angle picks Punk up and drops him down with an atomic drop.

Hebner counts, 1.......2.....

Josh Matthews: Just broke out. The referee is backing up Angle away from Punk. Wait a minute, Eric Bischoff, our IWF President, just slapped Punk in the face.

Bill DeMott: Business is about to pick up Josh..

Josh Matthews: Inside the ring Angle uses an arm bar take down and Punk is back to the mat.

Bill DeMott: Bischoff is preventing CM Punk from escaping his destiny on this one. Punk is getting everything he deserves. He wants to play big boy, well he’s get big boy treatment.

Josh Matthews: Bischoff is wondering what he should do next. Inside the ring now Angle nails Punk with a huge drop kick. Angle is going to the top, could it be a moonsault!?!

Bill DeMott: Angle is ready for take off! And he.. MISSED?! Punk drapes an arm over Angle.

Hebner counts, 1......2....

Josh Matthews: Not quite. Come on Punk! Get up. You can do this.

Bill DeMott: Who’s side are you on anyway?

Josh Matthews: The side that is right! Punk is now on his feet. Angle is on all fours and now he is up. CM Punk hits a Double Underhook Backbreaker. What a devastating move.

Bill DeMott: Kurt better muster some energy up. Angle is on his feet, he backs into the corner, draping his arms over the top rope. Look out Kurt!

Josh Matthews: Punk with a step up high knee in the corner followed by a bulldog! Cover him Punk. Wait a minute? Come on now, this has got to stop? Eric Bischoff is now on top of the ring apron distracting referee, Brian Hebner.

Bill DeMott: He pays the bills Junior. He can do whatever he wants.

(Punk walks over to Bischoff and they start arguing.)

Josh Matthews: This should not be allowed. Wait, Bischoff is trying to strike Punk again. Punk ducks. Bischoff hits Angle who came up behind Punk. Angle clutches his eyes.

Bill DeMott: What a mistake! Angle is angry. He is charging Punk.

Josh Matthews: Punk sidesteps and Angle knocks Bischoff off the ring apron and onto the ground.

Bill DeMott: Someone is going to pay.

Josh Matthews: Punk whips Angle into the corner. Punk scales the top rope, lifting Angle up to him. Could it be?! The PEPSI PLUNGE!

Hebner counts, 1......2.......3

Josh Matthews: It's over! Punk is moving onto the finals of the U.S. title tournament!

Tony Chimel: The winner of this bout, C…. M.. PUNK!!

Josh Matthews: Bischoff is livid! CM Punk held his ground and allowed him to score the pin! Bischoff is retreating as Angle heads up the ramp. What will happen next?!

Velocity Commercial for the Premiere Episode Saturday August 1st, 2020 LIVE on Television

Josh Matthews: We are back and fans we’ve just received information that the Insane Wrestling Federation camera crew is backstage in Bischoff’s office.

(Bischoff holds the back of his neck.)

Bill DeMott: The boss is upset! What are Raven and Lance Storm doing in his office? They are set to face each other coming up.

Josh Matthews: I don’t know but the looks of it, Storm and Raven are ready to do battle.

Eric Bischoff: The two of you need to listen up! I know you both want to take each other’s heads off right now! But the main concern is CM Punk. I am going to make the stakes a little bit higher. Whoever wins between the two of you will go on not only to win the United States Championship tonight but I am going to sweeten the pot. If either of you beat Punk, you will have an entry into next month’s Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam for a chance at the IWF Championship. Now get out of my office!

(The cameras pan back to ringside.)

Josh Matthews: Big news Bill! The main event has higher implications now. Not only will it determine the first ever United States Champion but they will receive a bid into the Elimination Chamber match at SummerSlam. This is huge!

Bill DeMott: You piss off Bischoff and you feel the wrath. I would reconsider my position if I were CM Punk right about now.

Josh Matthews: Here we go, the first match to decide who will enter the Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and the winner will enter the Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam Main Event for an opportunity at the IWF Championship. Introducing first, weighing in at 220 pounds, accompanied by his manager, Kevin Sullivan, Sabuuuu.

(Arabian type music hits the pa system and out walks Sabu with a chair in hand.)

Bill DeMott: The laugh coming from Kevin Sullivan is just so evil. This man means business.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds, the “Heart Break Kid”, Shawn Michaels!

(“Sexy Boy” blasts over the in house pa system the fans explode.)

Josh Matthews: The fans are on their feet from the Heart Break Kid. Shawn Michaels is in the Insane Wrestling Federation!

Bill DeMott: He may be a legend but does he have to dance his way to the ring? And what’s up with the chair Michaels?

Josh Matthews: Evening the playing field. “Mean Gene” had a chance to speak with Shawn Michaels earlier tonight. This should be a hard fought contest.

Bill DeMott: No doubt with referee, Nick Patrick, ringing the bell to start us off. Both men stopping dead in their tracks on opposite sides of the ring. Sullivan hands Sabu a chair of his own.

Josh Matthews: We can’t possibly start this match off with two steel chairs can we?

Bill DeMott: This is the Insane Wrestling Federation, Junior. We can do whatever the hell we want.

Josh Matthews: The referee has convinced both superstars to put the chairs down. Wait no! Sabu striking HBK from behind with a double axe handle to the back. HBK drops to a knee. We all know the history of Michaels’ back injuries.

Bill DeMott: Good move Sabu, keep on it. Kevin Sullivan is encouraging for Sabu to keep on Shawn Michaels.

Josh Matthews: Sabu stomping on the downed Michaels. He climbs to the second rope and jumps off with a flying leg drop. He covers.

Patrick counts, 1....2

Bill DeMott: Just barely a two count. Little early Sabu. Kevin Sullivan is yelling something to Sabu.

Josh Matthews: Sabu kicks HBK out of the ring. Kevin Sullivan hands Sabu a chair again. Sabu sets it up near the ropes. Sabu off the ropes, onto the chair with a Somersault plancha to the outside.

(Both superstars are face down on the outside ring mats. A four count is shouted by the referee.)

Josh Matthews: Listen to these fans erupt here inside the sold-out Pepsi Center.

Bill DeMott: Sabu just risked his body. He just doesn’t seem to care. His recklessness may cost him. What a great manager. Kevin Sullivan tossing Sabu in at the count of seven. We can’t have him counted out.

Josh Matthews: That’s cheating, Bill! Good job ref. He breaks the count but now Sabu is arguing with him. Look out! What a cheap shot. Kevin Sullivan just struck HBK from behind.

Bill DeMott: What are you talking about? He just threw HBK in the ring. He didn’t want him to get counted out.

(Sullivan slides the steel chair in the ring.)

Josh Matthews: What cheap shots are they going to take now? Sabu sets up the chair, he jumps off of it, onto the second rope for a springboard but wait HBK rolls out of the way. Sabu crashes on his bottom! HBK kips up.

Bill DeMott: Michaels’ is fired up. He flies off the ropes and onto Sabu with flying forearm. Sabu is off his feet Josh. Michaels again off the ropes with another flying forearm! Do something Sullivan!

Josh Matthews: HBK is on the top rope. He flies off with a Flying Elbow Drop! Cover HBK cover!

Bill DeMott: Not enough to end Sabu kid.

Josh Matthews: You may be right. Michaels has decided not to go for the pinfall but he’s in a corner getting ready to tune up the... WAIT!! HE can’t do that!!

(Sullivan strikes HBK from behind with the steel chair.)

Josh Matthews: Referee Nick Patrick calls for the bell.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, as a result of outside interference....the “Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaellllllssssss!!

Josh Matthews: What the hell?? Kevin cost Sabu the match. Kevin Sullivan screwed with HBK the entire time, but he only helped him. All for what?

Bill DeMott: Sabu is arguing with Kevin Sullivan. They both grab a steel chair and are going to finish Michaels’ off. Here’s the wind up!

(The crowd erupts in boos.)

Josh Matthews: Get help out here!

(“One of a Kind” blasts the pa system with RVD running down to the ring with a chair.)

Josh Matthews: And just like that Rob Van Dam clears the ring, helping out Shawn Michaels!

Bill DeMott: Every dog has its day, Junior. This isn’t the last of this saga.

Josh Matthews: Well Bill, we’ve got to give it to our sponsor tonight. Vengeance is sponsored tonight by Paper Mario, “The Origami King” only on the Nintendo Switch! It’s available now in all retail stores!

Bill DeMott: And we thank Staind for the official theme song of Vengeance, “Price To Play”.

(“Crows” shoot over the pa system signifying Raven’s entrance music.)

Bill DeMott: Time to find out who CM Punk is going to see in the Main Event tonight.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Semi-Finals match in the United States Championship Tournament. On his way to the ring, weighing in at 253 pounds, Ravennnnn.

(Boring music fills the air with a picture of the Canadian flag playing over the Insane-Tron.)

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, weighing in at 228 pounds, Lance Storm!

Josh Matthews: The fans here in Denver are booing as Lance Storm waves that Canadian flag high above his head.

Bill DeMott: He’s proud of his country unlike you Junior.

Josh Matthews: Raven is seated nonchalantly in his corner. Big stakes in this one Bill.

Ding, ding, ding

Josh Matthews: Who do you have going into the finals tonight Bill?

Bill DeMott: I respect both of these IWF superstars. But the fact is, you are looking at Raven as your next United States Champion.

Josh Matthews: Storm safely securing that Canadian flag propped up in a corner. Raven hoists himself out of the corner. Storm semi circles the ring. Raven stands in the middle of the ring, unimpressed with Lance Storm.

Bill DeMott: Storm attempts a lockup but Raven sends a knee knee into the abdominal region of Lance Storm. Raven is a brawler and Lance Storm is a mat technician.

Josh Matthews: An Irish whip off the ropes, Raven throws a clothesline but Storm ducks under it. Raven turns around into a dropkick. Raven back up and Storm tries for a Super Kick but Raven uses the top rope to stop his momentum and gets out of the ring.

Bill DeMott: Storm doesn’t seem to pleased about that but he gives chase outside. Storm rounds the turnbuckle post and Raven lays him out with a discus clothesline.

Josh Matthews: Raven picks up Storm and delivers a Russian leg sweep into the guardrail. That guardrail isn’t for matches Raven! It is to secure these rowdy Denver, Colorado fans from getting to you superstars!

Bill DeMott: Raven is utilizing his surroundings. They are both back in the ring now Junior.

Hebner counts, 1......2...

Josh Matthews: Storm gets a shoulder up. Raven arguing with the ref. That isn’t going to get you a victory Raven!

Bill DeMott: That did seem like a much slower count that the past matches he refereed. Raven waiting for Storm to get up. Raven stalks Storm from behind and is looking to connect with that bulldog.

Josh Matthews: Storm uses Raven’s momentum and throws him into the corner. Raven bouncing out and walks right into a spinning heel kick. Raven is down! Storm goes for the pin

Hebner counts, 1......2.....

Josh Matthews: Kick out! They’ve each had a near fall now. This one is back and forth from the two ECW originals.

Bill DeMott: Let’s not talk about Extremely Crappy Wrestling. This is the Insane Wrestling Federation Junior. Focus on that.

Josh Matthews: History is history. Storm steps back, Raven is at his feet. Could it be the Super Kick? No! Raven ducks underneath it. Storm turns around and Raven kicks him. Raven EFFECT?! No, Storm bridges underneath it and Raven turns around into a Super KICK!

Bill DeMott: That was some arsenal of moves. This could be it kid.

Josh Matthews: Storm deciding not to cover though. He locks in the Canadian Maple Leaf! Raven screaming in agony trying to pull himself to the ropes but that is it! Raven taps out!

Bill DeMott: Referee Brian Hebner calls for the bell.

Ding, ding ding

Josh Matthews: Lance Storm has won it!

Tony Chimel: The winner of this match, Lance Stormmm!

Josh Matthews: You couldn’t ask for a better match Bill!

Bill DeMott: Storm may be moving onto the finals against CM Punk tonight but I can guarantee that is not the last we have seen of Raven.

Quick commercial hyping IWF Velocity on Saturday Night’s

(“Longhorn” hits the IWF in-house pa system and the fans erupt in boos.)

Josh Matthews: Oh please! What is this guy doing out here?

Bill DeMott: Have some respect Junior. This is a Wrestling God! He will tell you himself.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our guest at this time, John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

(JBL gets into the ring with a full suit on and cowboy hat and grabs the microphone from Chimel’s hand.)

Josh Matthews: I think you can tell by the boos his popularity here in the IWF.

Bill DeMott: That is just Denver, they are like that.

JBL: You people need to show a little respect and hospitality around here rather than filling your streets with scum, rats and potheads.


JBL: That is fine. Keep it up because I didn’t come to the Insane Wrestling Federation to listen to this nonsense. I came for one reason and one reason only and that is to show you a Wrestling God.

Bill DeMott: See.

JBL: And to also win the IWF Championship. Not being on tonight’s pay-per-view in a match for a chance to be in the Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam is a damn atrocity. But that is fine. I’ll be at Velocity Saturday and I’ll prove my worth. I know it wasn’t Eric Bischoff’s fault. It is those damn Board of Directors breathing down his throat.

(Fans boo.)

JBL: No one is going to step in my way. NO ONE!

(“Wellllllll, Well it’s The Big Show!” and the fans erupt.)

Josh Matthews: Here comes the seven foot giant out to the ring Bill. The Big Show is back!

Bill DeMott: People are so rude in this company. They are constantly interrupting everyone.

JBL: The hell do you want?

(Big Show stops mid-ramp with a microphone in hand.)

Big Show: You can get out of my ring or I’ll force you too.

JBL: Whoa whoa whoa. You need to calm down big man. This is my air time, not yours!

Big Show: Five, four, three, two....

(Big Show drops the mic and heads for the ring.)

Josh Matthews: Words are done these two are going to go at it.

Bill DeMott: Show slides into the ring. JBL is waiting to hit that Clothesline from Hell!

Josh Matthews: Big Show stops. JBL with a quick few jabs to Big Show. Big Show grabs JBL by the throat. Chokeslam!!!

(“Wellllllll, Well it’s The Big Show!” plays again with the fans cheering.)

Josh Matthews: JBL is out in the middle of the ring.

Bill DeMott: What is up Big Show’s big rear end tonight? He just Chokeslamemd a Wrestling God for sake!

Josh Matthews: I think The Big Show had enough of JBL ranting. Put your money where your mouth is.

Bill DeMott: JBL has more money than he knows what to do with Junior.

(Cameras find CM Punk backstage icing his ankle.)

Colt Cabana: What up Punk? What’s wrong with your ankle?

CM Punk: Seriously Colt? Have you not been watching the show?

Colt Cabana: I just got here. I have been waiting to sneak in for hours. Denver’s security is boosted tonight for some reason.

CM Punk: I just need a little time to heal up before I take on Lance Storm in the main event. And after I win the United States title, I secure my position in the Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam.

Colt Cabana: Wait, what? Boy oh boy. How did you weasel that one?

CM Punk: The only weasel around here is Eric Bischoff. Now if you don’t mind I need to focus on tonight’s main event.

(Cabana slurps on a Pepsi. He pats on Punk’s ankle who grins in pain.)

Colt Cabana: Sure thing pal. Where is the Cola around here?

CM Punk: It’s the Pepsi Center man.

(Back to ringside.)

Josh Matthews: I don’t know Bill. Angle may have gotten the best of Punk with that Ankle Lock. We are only a couple matches away from that main event.

Bill DeMott: This is where we separate the men from the boys Josh.

(“One of a Kind” hits the pa system and the fans are at their feet.)

Tony Chimel: This next contest is scheduled for one fall with the winner receiving an entry into the Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam for a chance at the IWF Championship. Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 237 pounds... ROB.... VAN.... DAM!!

(“The Champ” blasts over the pa system with a mixed reaction.)

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, weighing in at 280 pounds, Samoa JOEEEEEE!!!

Bill DeMott: Van Dam stuck his nose in someone else’s business tonight. This match, he may have bitten off more than he can chew in the Samoan Submission Machine.

Josh Matthews: RVD has been a fighter his entire life but I tend to have to agree with you. Samoa Joe looks focused here.

Bill DeMott: Let’s get this one started.

Josh Matthews: Joe charges at RVD. RVD pounces towards him and rolls through underneath Joe. Joe angered, charges RVD again. RVD hits a roundhouse. Joe staggers back but that isn’t enough to take Joe off his feet.

Bill DeMott: Van Dam with a variation of a spinning heel kick. Still not enough. This just shows Samoa Joe’s power.

Josh Matthews: RVD springboards off the second rope. Joe catches him in the air and plants him with a side walk slam! Ouch!

Robinson counts, 1.....

Josh Matthews: Joe broke his own count?!

Bill DeMott: He knows it is not enough to finish off RVD that quickly. Joe wants to continue the assault. Joe with a German Suplex. RVD is sent halfway across the ring.

Josh Matthews: That may have broken RVD’s back!

Bill DeMott: RVD’s pretty limber. Joe picking up RVD again for another suplex. A belly to belly. RVD landed on his feet?!

Josh Matthews: What athleticism. Joe turn around! RVD connects with a legsweep and Joe is off his feet. RVD sets up in the corner. He springboards off with his hamstrings into a moonsault. The cover.

Robinson counts, 1.....2...

Bill DeMott: Joe benchpresses RVD off of him. Joe slithers off to RVD and locks in a the Coquina Clutch. RVD manages to get a foot on the ropes. Good riddance.

Josh Matthews: Referee breaks the hold. This one could’ve been over. Uh-oh! Kevin Sullivan and Sabu making their way to the ring.

Bill DeMott: I told you this before. Van Dam stuck his nose in Sabu’s business. This is going to be retaliatory.

Josh Matthews: Joe quickly acknowledges Sabu’s presence. RVD is on his feet, Sullivan hands Sabu a chair. RVD takes his eyes off of a Joe for a split second. Van Dam is in the air and dropped down with a Samoan Drop!

Bill DeMott: Joe smacks his hands together as if cleaning up.

Robinson counts, 1.....2...

Josh Matthews: RVD kicks out. The distraction of Kevin Sullivan and Sabu isn't helping the situation.

Bill DeMott: Maybe Van Dam will learn next time!

Josh Matthews: Get down off the ring apron! Kevin Sullivan is distracting referee Charles Robinson. And now Sabu is up on the opposite side of the ring with a steel chair. The referee can't see what Sabu is about to do to RVD.

Bill DeMott: And Van Dam deserves every bit of this.

Josh Matthews: Sabu winds up the chair as Van Dam's back is turned. RVD turns around to see Sabu. RVD throws his hands up. Wait! Sabu tosses the chair in the air and RVD hits a Van Daminator into the face of Samoa JOE!! What is going on?!

Bill DeMott: I am just as confused as you are.

Josh Matthews: Sullivan drops down off the apron and the referee turns around. RVD covers.

Robinson counts, 1......2......3!

Josh Matthews: RVD is advancing to the Elimination Chamber next month! Why did Sabu help him? I thought this was going to be revenge.

Tony Chimel: The winner of this match, Rob... Van.. DAMMM!!!

("One of a Kind" hits the pa system with Sullivan and Sabu arguing up the ramp.)

Josh Matthews: My initial thought was that Sabu was out here to pay back RVD for coming out to the rescue of HBK earlier.

Bill DeMott: Wrong you were, Junior, but I am just as surprised as what happened. I am not sure what is going through the mind of Sabu, but his manager, Kevin Sullivan, doesn't seem to pleased with him.

Josh Matthews: Remember, Sabu and RVD use to be a tag team back in the day.

Bill DeMott: Before RVD stabbed Sabu in the back tonight.

Josh Matthews: Or so we thought. Fans, it is main event time and we are headed to ring announcer, Tony Chimel.

(Head IWF referee, Nick Patrick, stands in the middle of the ring with the newly shined up United States belt in hand.)

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the main event of the evening and it is the Finals for the Insane Wrestling Federation United States Championship. Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 228 pounds, Lance Stormmmm!!

Josh Matthews: We are about to crown a United States Champion. The young CM Punk versus the veteran Lance Storm.

Bill DeMott: Don’t forget the winner also moves onto that SummerSlam Main Event Elimination Chamber.

Josh Matthews: Is Punk going to be one hundred percent for this match is the question. We saw earlier before Punk icing that ankle.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent, weighing in at 220 pounds, CM.. Punkkk!

Josh Matthews: I think we have our answer. CM Punk is sprinting to the ring!

Bill DeMott: Must’ve popped a painkiller before this match.

Josh Matthews: You and I both know very well Punk’s lifestyle of Straight Edge.

Bill DeMott: Riiiighhhttt, Junior.

(Nick Patrick stops Punk for letting the match start.)

Josh Matthews: Our senior official, Nick Patrick, is already laying down the law in this match.

Bill DeMott: He is explaining the rules of the contest. Storm hasn’t broken from that serious expression the entire time.

Josh Matthews: The bell sounds and the match is underway. That IWF U.S. title is beautiful.

Bill DeMott: You will always be a spectator of it, kid.

Josh Matthews: Storm and Punk lock up in the center of the ring. Storm backs Punk into a corner. The referee makes it to the count of three and Storm breaks and then slaps Punk on the chest.

Bill DeMott: They’re locking up again. Now Punk backs Storm into a corner. The referee counts to three, Punk breaks but then slaps Storm in the face. How disrespectful!

Josh Matthews: Storm runs at Punk. Punk locks on a headlock takedown. He grips it hard! Storm rolls through, picking up Punk and dropping him with a belly to back drop. Storm hooks the leg but not even a count of one.

Bill DeMott: Both men meet standing up and locking up. Irish Whip into the ropes. Storm ducks under, Punk hops over. Storm connects with a spinning heel kick. Punk jumps back up Josh! Storm with a DDT. A quick elbow drop. The cover!

Patrick counts, 1.....2....

Josh Matthews: Lance Storm almost became the U.S. Champion.

Bill DeMott: The Canadian Champion, kid, get it right.

Josh Matthews: Following the kick out, Punk slowly getting up. Storm with a clothesline but Punk underneath it. Punk runs off the ropes and hits a running bulldog. Storm is up throws a punch but Punk catches it. An arm trap swinging neckbreaker. Punk covers but Storm drapes a foot over the ropes.

Bill DeMott: The referee won’t make a count with a foot on the ropes. Punk picks up Storm tosses him in a corner. A step up high knee. Punk follows it with a clothesline but Storm dodges it. Punk turns around into a Super KICK!!

Josh Matthews: The Canadian Maple Leaf is locked on. The same side that ankle injury. CM Punk withers in such pain! Don’t give up Punk. This is what it is all about.

Bill DeMott: This move advanced Lance Storm into the finals. This is it.

Josh Matthews: CM Punk crawling to the ropes. He is almost there. Grab it Punk!

Bill DeMott: So sad Josh. Storm repositions and brings Punk to the center of the ring. Better luck next time!

Josh Matthews: Punk’s fight is not over though. Hang on Punk!

Bill DeMott: Referee asking if Punk will submit. He’s refusing. I can’t believe he hasn’t tapped yet. Punk on his hands. He crawls and grabs the bottom rope.

(Storm breaks the hold after almost getting to the illegal count of five.)

Josh Matthews: I can’t believe Punk weathered through it but at what cost to his body. An ankle injury now possibly a back injury.

Bill DeMott: Storm working on the lower back of CM Punk. Punk using the ropes as leverage to get to his feet.

Josh Matthews: Devil Lock DDT out of nowhere!! Storm is out.

Bill DeMott: Punk does not have enough in him to go for the pin though. Punk barely back on his feet. Storm is still down, breathing heavily.

Josh Matthews: Punk lifts Storm up for the Punk-Handle Piledriver! Punk is connecting with these devastating maneuvers! Punk crawling to Storm.

Bill DeMott: Both superstars are laying it all on the line for an opportunity at championship gold.

Josh Matthews: Both men are motionless in the middle of the ring. The referee is at the count of six. Punk showing signs of life. Now Storm. They are on their feet by the count of 9. Punk attempted a clothesline but Storm is locked up behind him. A belly to back suplex.

Bill DeMott: Storm on the hunt. A hurricanrana and holds for the victory!

Patrick counts, 1........2.....thr..

Josh Matthews: KICK OUT!! This one is not over. Storm slapping the mat. Storm is up. He sets up for the Super Kick.

Bill DeMott: Careful Punk. You are about to swallow your teeth. Here it comes.. The Super..

Josh Matthews: Punk dodges it. Punk with a few jabs and a knee to the face of Storm. Storm tosses Punk into the corner. Storm charges. Punk up and over and kicks Storm in the gut. Punk locking on but Storm with a back body drop. Punk slowly gets up.

Bill DeMott: Punk charges and is thrown into the corner. Storm scales the top rope and Punk follows. This could hurt.

Josh Matthews: Storm and Punk duking it out on the top rope. How dangerous this could be. Storm tries a Frankensteiner but Punk holds on and tosses him end over end. Storm lands on his feet and runs up the ropes into a knee to the face!!

Bill DeMott: A double underhook!

Josh Matthews: PEPSI PLUNGE!!!!!

Patrick counts, 1........2........3!!!!

Josh Matthews: Punk has done it. They are both exhausted!

Tony Chimel: The winner of this match and NEEEEWWWWWW United States Champion.... C....M... Punk!

Josh Matthews: Punk is celebrating on his back with his hand raised and the U.S. title in his possession.

(“Time to Play the Game” silences Punk’s celebration.)

Josh Matthews: Triple H?! What is going on?

Bill DeMott: The Cerebral Assassin.

(Triple H comes from out of the crowd. Punk is looking up the entrance ramp.)

Josh Matthews: Turn around Punk!

Bill DeMott: Careful what you wish for.

Josh Matthews: No no no. A Pedigree! And now Eric Bischoff is making his way to the ring.

Bill DeMott: You knew Eric Bischoff still had a trick up his sleeve Junior. He’s not the IWF President for nothing.

Josh Matthews: For Bill DeMott, this is Josh Matthews, we will see you at Saturday Night Velocity. Thanks for joining us tonight. Goodnight from Denver.

(The pay-per-view fades to black with Triple H and Eric Bischoff standing over CM Punk.)

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