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This Origin of the Evil Super Villian ESCALATERIO!!!

Terrance Smalley, average citizen, was at a local mall one day taking an ride on the escalator. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

Suddenly (and without warning), Terrance's shoelace gets caught in the machinery at top of the escalator! Terrance screams in horror! Terrance gets sucked into the heavey machinery on the inside of the escalator. I would have a panel showing this but I don't know what the inside of an escalator looks like so use your imagination.

Terrance survives but is horribly disfigured (kind of like Edward James Almost). He spends the rest of his days as an embittered recluse and the remainder of his nights wreaking havok on the society he blames. This is the origin of the horrific incredible ESCALATARIO!!!! (insert scary music)