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      April 2006
SINGLE OF THE MONTH Jamie T Salvador (Panic CD single)
Sunny Day Sets Fire Brainless (Brikabrak 7")
The Pigeon Detectives I'm Not Sorry (Dance To The Radio 7")
The Eighteenth Day Of May Cold Early Morning (Transistor 7")
The Holloways Happiness & Penniless (Sensible 7")
Fields Song For The Fields (Black Lab 7")
Good Shoes We Are Not The Same (Brille 10" EP) JUNK SHOP GEMS 002. MELANIE - SUNSET & OTHER BEGINNINGS (CBS LP 1975)
      March 2006

SINGLE OF THE MONTH Rumble Strips No Soul / Motorcycle (Transgressive 7")

Voice Of The Seven Woods An Hour Before Dawn (Twisted Nerve 7")
Be Your Own Pet Let's Get Sandy (XL 7")
Television Personalities All The Young Children On Crack (Domino 7")
Dartz! / The Maybes? (Xtra Mile split 7")


SINGLE OF THE MONTH Forward, Russia! 12 (Dance To The Radio 7")
We Start Fires Hot Metal (Marquis Cha Cha 7")
Spires That In The Sunset Rise / Panicsville Little For A Lot / Are You Going To Leave Me? (Nihilist split 7")
Pete Dale & The Beta Males Betrayed By Folk (Fortuna Pop! CD)
Editors Munich (Kitchenware 7")
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Is This Love? (Wichita 7")
Nancy Wallace Young Hearts EP (Spinney / Hungry Hill CD single)

Queens Of Sheeba / Lavender Diamond (Cold Sweat split 7")

The Sunshine Underground Commercial Breakdown (City Rockers 7")  
Kubichek! Taxi (Fantastic Plastic 7")
The International Karate Plus Black Christmas (FFVinyl 7")
Captain Frontline (At Large 7")
ALBUM OF THE MONTH Espers The Weed Tree (Locust CD)
The Long Blondes Separated By Motorways (Good & Evil 7")
Little Wings (Art School Dropout 7")
Edith Frost It's A Game (Drag City CD)
Lucky Luke / King Creosote / South Downs / Immigrant The Whisper EP (Chaffinch 7")
Aberdeen Florida (TSA CD single)
The Envelopes Sister In Love (Brille 7")
December 2005
The Cribs You're Gonna Lose Us (Wichita 7") Two Gallants Las Cruces Jail (Saddle Creek 7") Cathode Chronophobia (Distraction 7") Kelley Stoltz Discount City (Cass 7") White Rose Movement Alsatian (Indepeniente 7") Semifinalists Show The Way (Regal Bear 7") The Late Greats Bang Bang (Izumi 7") The Guillemots Trains To Brazil (Fantastic Plastic CD single)
November 2005
Keren Ann Chelsea Burns (EMI 10" single) Hot Puppies Terry (Fandango 7") Larrikin Love Happy As Annie (Transgressive 7") The Rifles Local Boy (Right Hook 7") The Brakes Ring A Ding Ding (Rough Trade 7") Omerta One Chance (Northern Ambition 7") Bromheads Jacket What If's & Maybe's (Marquis Cha Cha 7") Snow White Stop Anything (White Heat 10" single)
October 2005
The Holloways Generator (Sensible 7") Kicker / The Butterflies of Love / Comet Gain / Airport Girl More Soul Than Wigan Casino (Fortuna Pop CD single) Maps Start Something / To The Sky (Last Space Recordings 10" single) Umlaut Winter Coat (Fantastic Plastic 7") The Eighteenth Day Of May The Highest Tree / Sir Casey Jones (Transistor 7") Les Incompetents Reunion / Much Too Much (White Heat 7") Good Shoes Small Town Girl (Young & Lost 7") The Chalets No Style (Setanta 7")

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