Evil Love Comic

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by Marc Chenot, 2003, all rights reserved.

Evil News: March 2004.

I have tossed in the comics towel. Real life has gotten a bit too interesting, not much time left over for this here distraction. Thanks for your support. marc

The Characters:

lightning dick
christy straw
simon flambeau

The Story:

The characters have been together since living on the same block
put them in the same daycare, same schools, on the same soccer
team and "coincidently" in the same comic.  Then...
Christy is sucked into the future by a random time beam. Once
in the far future she accidently discovers that she will fall madly
in love with Dick and they will live out their sunset years in
pure bliss.  Hoping to speed the process, she begins to "reinsert"
herself back into their timeline. Of course, Dick can't understand
why she is so hot ,cold and all knowing.  Only you know. 

A Few Comics: