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Tony Hill 


'For younger fans, there is an intoxicating account of the run-in to Fergie's first title triumph in 1993, while

older fans will relish exhilarating memories of  United in the 70's, a decade of Cup finals and cock-ups.

Equally entertaining is Hill's witty and often poignant portrayal of a youth spent in a declining mining community. Impassioned and bleak but also hilarious.'

The official Manchester UNITED magazine


'A witty insight into the loneliness of the long-distance red. Like Hill’s life, the book is balanced between two worlds – the very real world of Jacksdale, and the almost mythical world of Old Trafford, which haunts the young Hill’s mind much in the same way as Atlantis must have menaced the infant Captain Nemo. And while it’s hard to describe villages like Jacksdale without straying into parody, Hill describes his village and his family with wit and pathos.'

Four Four Two


'A veritable collection of football stories from Hillsborough to Busby, Scargill to flares. It's a refreshing perspective from a non-Manc Red and it's got poignant recollections from 70's Cup finals and 80's hoolie days.'    

United We Stand


 'This story of a Red growing up in a pit village  during the 70's and 80's is both funny and sad at times.

A great read.'

Glory Glory Man United (official club magazine)



'A laddish feast of music, football and autobiography.

 Hill's passion for the game shines out like floodlights at a night-time match.'

Nottingham Evening Post


'Hill can be funny, but really finds his voice in harrowing recollections of the Hillsborough tragedy.'

Daily Mail


'Tony Hill made his momentous decision to become a Red Devils supporter in the 1970’s and for the next twenty-two years lived and breathed to bag a Cup Final ticket. In this hilarious debut, 

Hill describes his consistently thwarted attempts to get his hands on the elusive voucher.'



'A days-of-our-lives view of Man United from the wilderness years of the 70's 

to the rattling rise of Fergie's Red army.' 


Total Football


'A very funny look at every day life in the East Midlands.'  

Mansfield Chad


'An East Midlands Fever Pitch without the middle-class guilt complex. It also points out that DH Lawrence

once got panned in a local pub for not supporting a Nottingham team.'

Left Lion


The number 1 Best Seller in Manchester United books on Amazon.


The top rated Manchester United supporter book on Amazon UK


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The ROAD AND ROAMIN' trilogy

Sky-Walker's Landscapes of Legends Quest

Even Everest Shook: Caught in the Nepal Earthquake 2015

Route 66 Kicks


Route 66 Kicks

Early autumn 2016: the bitter US Presidential race is daily building to a dramatic climax. Tony Hill sets off driving Route 66, the fabled American highway, in search of ghosts of the American Dream. He’ll go through big cities, vast and colourful landscapes; meet colourful characters, forgotten people and communities; visit ghost towns; see classic Americana, vintage and classic cars; hear music tales of Elvis and The Beatles; seek out many a film and TV location set on Route 66 and follow the journey of the Joad family in The Grapes of Wrath; indulge in Wild West and Native American folklore; and imagine he’s in his own road trip movie, suffer severe sunburn, go a little crazy and think people are trying to kill him. He’ll get his kicks on, and be kicked by, Route 66. There’s many a twist and turn: on the road and in the race for President, with the spectre of Trump as Commander In Chief, looming over many a horizon. Often hilarious, at times thought-provoking, and full of wonder, beauty and descriptions of decay. With over 100 photos.

Even Everest Shook: Caught in the Nepal Earthquake 2015

Looking for adventure Tony Hill made the spontaneous decision to trek to Everest Base Camp in April 2015.

After visiting the ancient temples and squares of Kathmandu, he flew into ‘the most dangerous airport in the world,’ Lukla,

and with a group of fellow travellers from around the world set off up the Himalayan valleys Everest bound.

Only 3 days into the trek they were in a mountain village when the devastating Nepal Earthquake struck.

 Lucky to escape uninjured - buildings crumbled at their side, boulders crashed through the ceiling of their teahouse - 

they find themselves stranded.

 Journey with Tony Hill, before, during and in the aftermath of the earthquake (and many aftershocks),

and through his writing and eyes (via a series of stunning and haunting photographs)

experience breathtaking beauty, the bonding and humour of a diverse set of characters, 

then overwhelming tragedy, and the fragility, resilience and spirituality of the human condition,

as he slowly makes his way out of a disaster zone and home.

'This is a touching read, starting light-hearted and adventurous, and then turning a book about witnessing the devastating earthquake on a personal level, as part of a trekking group.' Life as a Journey.

Sky-Walker's Landscapes of Legends Quest

Wanting to get far from the maddening modern crowd, Tony Hill hit the road north from his East Midlands home, heading to Scotland, over the sea to Skye and back down the North-East coast of England, searching out the landscapes of legends, history, folklore and films: outlaws, Kings, Vikings, knights of old, ghosts, fairies, the Loch Ness Monster, Harry Potter, Dragons, Dracula, Aliens and R2D2; there were rumours the new Star Wars film was being filmed on Skye, maybe a childhood dream of appearing in the sci-fi fantasy epic could finally be fulfilled?

Offbeat, hilarious, full of spellbinding tales of folklore and nearly 50 stunning landscape photographs.

The Palace and the Punks

(The Grey Topper Story)









Future releases by Tony Hill via Northern Lights Lit – some stories/ManUscripts are already written, waiting their turn – others lying about in various drawers and cupboards in undecipherable handwriting (even to the writer himself) – and then some are half formed, floating about Tony’s head, occasionally colliding and becoming new worlds.

The Curse of the Crooked Spire - A Glastonbury Ghost and other tales of the supernatural – Larry The Lizard – The Flowers of Romance – The Mixed Up Wizard.

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