Live album recorded at the Grey Topper! -


Thanks to everyone who supported the ‘Grey Topper Punks Reunited’ concert. It was a great evening with 3 excellent support bands Elvis Is Dead, Certified and S-Punk and the immortal UK Subs in top form. I’d like to point out to those scaremongers (or is that squaremongers?), committees and others who prevented the concert taking place in the village that the atmosphere was fantastic and friendly with smiles all round and not a sniff of trouble (or anyone sniffing glue). 

Nearly £550 was raised for Cancer Research UK. £457 of this came from door takings plus £97 in the collection buckets given by those ‘no good punks’ Many thanks to Barry Smith and Pat Smith from Cancer Research UK for doing the collecting. I’d like to give a special mention to my mate (one time Topper punk) Jeff Fenn for his invaluable help in putting the concert together.

The legend of the Grey Topper lives on.


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