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The Saddest Member of your Family is the latest in a string of projects featuring the talents of Mazza, Markarian and Moore. Since April 2002, the Chicagoland trio has been experimenting with a modern sound that has been described as "daily bread rock", the "new wave urban folk", and "tunes that make medicine from suffering". The band hopes to realize its potential both artistically and professionally in the near future. We thank you for your interest and support.


No, we haven't had any shows lately - boohoo - but this is because we actually have some good things going down.

We have been blessed with a new keyboard player, the Amazing Roland Wisest aka Big Alan. He is a monster among talented men and we hope to use every last drop of his artistic abillities before we tire of him and toss him aside like so much damp sponge.

We are planning on recording an album very soon - as in late July or early August. It will probably be 11 songs long and made of solid gold.

We promise that eventually this website will be updated and made better - but until that time, it wouldn't particularly hurt my feelings if you thought of us as failures and/or charlatans. So go right ahead.

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