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Topic: PSX PS1 PS
Roadkill Entertainment [RodEnt]

This is a project i've started about a year back but because of RL had little time for it since. My intention was to do JPN->ENG translations for PSX/SS and maybe some other consoles. I'm aware my English isn't good and i almost don't know Japanese. And that's exactly why i do this - to learn things. I would do everything on my own - hacking, reversing, coding, translating, image/video editing, etc. so it usually takes a while. Naturally i won't be doing any games that are text intensive or are just huge (RPGs). Main focus is on smaller low-budget releases, where original script quite often already contains (if not oozes with) Engrish and it fits - it adds to this, in analogy with cinema, 'B' title atmosphere. So, if somebody reports mistakes in translated text, i apologize in advance and i will note them but usually wont fix them, unless, perhaps, if it's something very important. How i hope this could be interesting to other people is - even though obscure, those are not just any games, i pick them carefully. I won't be doing, say 'Tetris', just because it's easy. Ther's something that speaks to me in each of those titles. Maybe you'll discover something for yourself too, something that interests you or maybe something you weren't aware of exists. And i'll be writing tutorials and putting out tools with sources, that i code along the way. This way i hope to get more people involved with PSX translations, it's kinda stagnate how it is now and it's sad - ther's many jewels unknown outside of Japan.

Bunmei Koro Koro Game - Egg [SLPS-01121]

Puzzle/Strategy game. You compete with opponent by rolling eggs. Civilizations are born in their trail. You must protect your own civilization and destroy opponent. Game has two modes: Mission, where your opponent is computer and VS, where up to 4 players, either human (this is nice feature, quite rare for PSX) or AI, can compete against each other. It's theme/atmosphere that fascinates me in this game. It's reminiscent to 'Tenshi no Tamago' (Angel's Egg), one of my favorite Anime movies. Creation and destruction; existance; religion (slow-paced/sci-fi). Naturally such little game doesn't discuss it, doesn't try to find answers, but it touches these themes - triggers thought chain. Also interesting thing to note is that artist behind 'Angel's Egg' Yoshitaka Amano would later work on 'Final Fantasy' franchise, 'Kartia' and some other games. I would suggest you to see anime first, if you haven't.

Things i've done:
- rewrote text function to read ASCII characters
- added smaller font for civilization selection screen and redesigned it to hold more characters/lines
- translated text strings
- translated graphical text (those are mainly stage intros)
- translated text in movies / replaced translated frames, leaving rest untouched (for quality/size)

There weren't much text to translate, but variety of challenges made it interesting and good practice when you're starting out.

cir    - Action
X    - Cancel
tri    - Show land height
L1    - Menu
L2    - Boost game speed
R1    - Status
START    - Quit


Summer - Deep Freeze [SLPS-01817] (~85% done - all coding/reversing, some translating/image editing left)
Fall - ???????? (~60% done - coding/hacking; some image editing left, but it's tough)
Winter - something, hopefully, if all goes well; nothing done yet.


Execute 'JPN2ENG.bat' with original image file name as parameter. e.g.:
JPN2ENG.bat "Bunmei Koro Koro Game - Egg (Japan).bin"

20120408 v1.0 | IN: ccd9650c | OUT: af623ace | tested with Xebra 11/04/25 / SCPH-5502

Posted by themabus at 22:26 EEST
Updated: 09/04/2012 22:21 EEST
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