Announcements: News about updates, EV news, and my link of the week.

Shipyard: Descriptions and my opinions on all of the ships in Escape Velocity.

Weapons and Items: Some info and descriptions of all the outfits and weapons.

Strategies: Defensive and offensive tips that will help you on attacking and defending.

Money management: Some tips on getting enough money for the ships and equipment you want.

Polls: A couple polls where you can put your opinion up.

Animations: EV animations, also available by request.

Easter Eggs: How to get the Forklift and other cool Easter Eggs.

Links: Here are some other good sites, mainly EV.

Stories: A collection of stories about EV and some that I wrote.

The Team: Well it's about the team that made this wonderful site!

EzBoard: Need help? Want to hang out? Then come here!

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