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    Servlets Links and References

    The list is divided into five sections:
    General Documentation
    Official home site for servlets
    Whitepapers, downloads, and other documentation.

    Home page for Apache's Jakarta Project (New!)
    The open source reference implementation for servlets and JSPs!

    Old official home site for servlets
    Now it concentrates more on how servlets work in the Java Web Server.

    Official API documentation for the Servlet API 2.0
    Servlet classes are in the javax.servlet and javax.servlet.http packages.

    Official API documentation for the old Servlet API 1.0
    Marvel at how simple it was. All the sun.* packages were part of the proposed JavaServer Toolkit.

    Official JavaServer Pages (JSP) home
    JSP 1.0 went final June 1999, JSP 1.1 went final December 1999.

    Sun's comparison between JSP and ASP (New!)
    A compelling argument for JSP.

    The Web JSP Book from The Esperanto Group (New!)
    An "open source" style book effort.

    Copy of the early JSP 0.92 specification (New!)
    For archival purposes only -- JSP 1.0 is far different.

    Copy of the even earlier JSP 0.91 specification (New!)
    For archival purposes only -- JSP 1.0 is far different.

    The Complete CLASSPATH Guide for Servlets by Gene McKenna
    Despite the name, it only covers the Java Web Server and JRun.

    Sun's list of external servlet resources
    Still pretty sparse.

    FAQs FAQ (New!)
    A FAQ for run by the O'Reilly Network! Contains answers to several com.oreilly.servlet questions.

    Servlet FAQ from jGuru (Updated!)
    Fair number of questions. Most of the answers are in the book Java Servlet Programming, so if you read the book you can use this FAQ as a final exam. jGuru is a new portal from the MageLang Institute. The PurpleTech FAQ has been merged with this FAQ.

    JSP FAQ from jGuru (Updated!)
    Uses JSP to generate the pages. It's shocking how many answers need to refer to the Servlet API. That's not a good sign for JSP being "easy to use for the non-programmer".

    Servlet FAQ from The Esperanto Group (New!)
    Darn good coverage.

    Servlet FAQ from Sun
    Just six questions.

    Servlet FAQ from New Atlanta
    Also fairly short.

    Discussion Forums
    The official servlet mailing list "servlet-interest"
    Almost three thousand servlet enthusiasts subscribe. Useful for general servlet discussion. As always, try not to ask questions whose answers are easily found on your own (like by reading a book!).

    The official Java Web Server mailing list "jserv-interest"
    This was the official servlet mailing list until August 1998, when "servlet-interest" was created. Well over a thousand people subscribe.

    Jakarta Project mailing lists, for the Tomcat server (New!)
    Several different mailing lists are available, covering general discussion to developer check-ins. There's an archive for tomcat-dev.

    Servlet and server-side Java discussion forum hosted by
    Web-based forum.

    JRun servlet engine discussion forum
    Focuses on servlet development issues related to JRun.
    Web-based discussion group on servlet issues.

    Newsgroup livesoftware.jrun
    Actual newsgroup discussing LiveSoftware's JRun servlet engine plug-in.

    Servlet discussion forum hosted by
    Quiet enough you can hear a pin drop.

    Servlet Sites
    Mining Co. Servlet Page
    An introduction is available at

    An online magazine dedicated to servlets.
    A site providing open source servlets. Some of the "upcoming" servlets (guestbook, ad server, poll system, code highlighter) look interesting. They're giving away free copies of "Java Servlet Programming" each month, so you know they're a good site.

    Java Skyline (New!)
    A very busy site with lots of server-side Java resources.

    Servlets Taverne (New!)
    You have to love a site with "Taverne" in the name. Contains news and links. Check out their choice for best servlet book.

    Java Bookmark, Servlets Section (New!)
    A set of bookmarks for servlets, most of which are also listed here.

    WebReview's Java Servlet Reference Guide
    Short list of servlet documentation. I think everything there is covered here.

    Servlets, Inc.
    At it's the "singular" counterpart to this site.

    A short but growing list of servlet resources.

    Live Software
    Makers of the JRun servlet engine and other servlet tools.

    Paul Flavin's list of servlet links.
    List of servlet documentation.

    Servlets Net
    A short list of servlet resources. Will eventually reside at

    JavaToys: Writing Java Servlets
    A short list of servlet resources.

    Servlet For Me
    A big load of servlet links. Unfortunately, every time you visit the site it pops open an ad window.
    Another list of servlet related articles.'s list of JSP links
    Includes copies of the old 0.91 and 0.92 JSP specifications

    Orion Tag Extensions tutorial by Magnus Rydin (New!)
    Gets you started writing JSP tag extensions (note custom tags don't have to be packaged in a .jar file as they claim).

    Official servlet tutorial by Cynthia Bloch
    Covers API 2.0 and 2.1.

    Server-Side Web Applications using Servlets and JSP 1.0: A Tutorial (New!)
    A tutorial from The Johns Hopkins University, written by Marty Hall.

    Old official Java Web Server servlet tutorial
    Very specific to the Java Web Server.

    Servlet Essentials by Stefan Zeiger, Novocode
    Basic tutorial.

    JSP Links and References

    Java Server Pages Frequently Asked Questions. Maintainer: Richard Vowles, 
    Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Internet: JSP
    JSP. Top: Computers: Programming: Internet:...
    JSP Computer Consultants, Inc. - Your Personal Guide to Computers and the
    We offer a wide range of services including Web-Site marketing, design and maintenance, Disaster Prevention, Recovery and Update Services. Database..
    Oingo: "JSP"
    All of Oingo. Near Topic. JSP Open Directory Matching Topic: Top Computers Programming Internet JSP. More General Topics. " Internet Programming....
    JCCSP -- Open Source JSP
    JCCSP -- Open Source JSP. Home. Report a bug. JCCSP Files. Current Version (zip) Current Version (jar) Older Files. JCCSP Documents. Current Readme...
 -The Problems with JSP
    The Problems with JSP. . By now almost everyone using servlets has heard about JavaServer Pages (JSP),
    JSP Customer service
    Your Technological Advantage Company Since 1988...
    JavaServer Pages (JSP)
    Developing JavaServer Pages (JSP) Distributed application development is a feature of JBuilder Enterprise. JavaServer Pages (JSP)TM technology...
    JavaServer Pages (JSP)
    Developing JavaServer Pages (JSP) Note: Some distributed applications features are only available in the Enterprise version of JBuilder. Select...
    Web site design for your e-commerce and b2b, based on JSP and EJB
    By the latest Java technology, we can build your web site for your internet business at quite low cost. Download the internet software for e-commerce
    Building a JSP Form Handler
    Independent scripting resource for all types of web scripting technologies...
    Archives of JSP-Interest@Java
    Archives of JSP-A mailing list about Java Server Pages specification and reference. Search the archives. Post to the list....
    Tomcat v3.0
    Tomcat Version 3.0. This the the default Tomcat home page. This page serves as a quick reference guide to related resources and is located at:...
    Tomcat v2.2
    Tomcat Version 2.2. This the the default Tomcat home page. This page serves as a quick reference guide to related resources and is located at:...
    SAL- Computer Graphics, Images & Signals - CAD, Drawing & Painting Tools - jsp
    Jsplot. jsplot is an interactive drawing and charting tool. It is mostly a vector graphics program but can also process a number of image formats....
    Building Your Own JSP Components
    The Sun-Netscape Alliance, a strategic alliance formed by America Online and Sun Microsystems, Inc., is delivering iPlanet e-commerce software and...
    GJT JavaDoc: Class JspWriterImpl
    Overview Package Class Tree Deprecated Index Help Home PREV CLASS NEXT 
    Dublin 97 Contents
    Title and Identity Page. Design Notations. Design notations - Introduction JSP sequence, selection and iteration JSP subprograms and data flow JSP...
    JSP Mold
    JSP Mold. 404 E 4th Street Milledgeville, IL 61051 phone: (815) 225-7110 We can be found in the pavilions for these services...Foundries and Casting,...

    JSP. group info members messages post chat talk calendar links database vault polls Group Description:...
    JavaCommerce- Free Resources,Tutorials,Open Source Projects
    Here you will find the best articles and news related to developing Commercial Application using Java. You can also get free source code and...
    Kaboom JSP -- Software for the masses!
    In Association With. The only place for your books & music. Books. Music Enter keywords. Just got yourself a copy of Windows 98? Then you...

    Group info members messages post chat talk calendar links database vault polls Group Description:...
    VqServer: Using GNUJSP
    VqServer GNUJSP. This page explains how to install GNUJSP and configure vqServer to work with GNUJSP. Java Server Pages (JSP) are HTML pages which..
    JavaServer Pages examples
    All Examples. JavaServer Pages (JSP) examples. Here are links to the source code for the example JSP pages in alphabetical order....
    JSP v1.1 and Servlet v2.2 API Reference: API Help
    API Document Is Organized. This API (Application...
    Interface com.livesoftware.jrun.plugins.jsp.ServletBuilder
    All Packages Class Hierarchy This Package Previous Next Index. Interface com.livesoftware.jrun.plugins. sp.ServletBuilder. public interface...
    Web Development with JSP: JSP, Java Servlet, and Java Bean Information
    Learn about Java Server Pages (JSP), and find useful tools and online articles....
    JSP 17 An Example
    Press Reload to return to the original background) You can take a quick look at the source code to get an idea of what's happeneing, then click BACK...
    JSP Books
    Recommended JSP books....
    Global JSP Web Designs
    WebSphere Application Server JavaServer Pages (JSP)
    JavaServer Pages (JSP) WebSphere Application Server supports the JavaServer Pages (JSP) Specification 0.91. JSP technology makes it easier for you to...
    Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages Chapter 15: Integrating Servlets and JSP
    Chapter 15 of source code archive from Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages (Sun Microsystems Press)....
    Servlets Taverne: Home
    Site devoted to Java server side , servlets, JSP, JDBC, EJB, XML...
    Web Development with JavaServer Pages
    Web Development with JavaServer Pages covers all aspects of JSP development for dynamic generation of on-line content. Focuses on component-centric...
    JSP Associates - Information Technology, Telecommunications Recruitment Specia
    JSP Associates/ITP & ITP Worldwide, Board of Director & Executive Management Search, Recruiters for IT Information Technology & Telecommunications,...
    Internet Alchemy : Topic: JSP
    Internet Alchemy is a collection of random elements brought together in the hope they might fuse into something wonderful....
    Java Short Courses: Professional Java Training
    On-site Java programming short courses taught by well-known Java author, experienced Java developer, and award-winning instructor....
    Understanding JavaServer Pages Model 2 architecture - JavaWorld December 1999
    Understanding JavaServer Pages Model 2 architecture...
    VADD - JSP/Servlet Development Environment Documentation PDF
    Search in. VADD. VADD Redbooks. VADD Tech Articles. VADD Hints & Tips. VADD Samples. VisualAge for Java FAQs. IBM. jCentral Java Search. Software....
    See our Sample Apps
    BEA WebXpress provides many examples and sample applications to help you get started with WebLogic. You can check out the Enterprise JavaBean...
    Quadcap Software, home of the world's most powerful pure Java database
    QED: The world's most powerful pure Java database. QED Web Server Edition: High Performance JSP Engine combined with QED for easy Web application...
    JSR-000039 Java Servlet and JSP Performance Benchmark
    JSR-000039 Java Servlet and JSP Performance Benchmar...
    The COBOL language and Jackson Structured Programming tutorial
    Table of Contents. The Cobol Language and Jackson Structured Programming (JSP) Tutorial. Welcome to The COBOL Language and Jackson Structured...
    Server Pages .com : Java Server Pages : JSP Implementations
    Information about all of the various JSP engines and where to get them....
    JSP JavaServer Pages Archive
    JavaServer Pages Help and Support. is the archive for the JSP (JavaServer Pages) mailing list. Providing a knowledge base of all...
    KBMail Java Servlet Hosting Service Provider - BASIC Hosting
    servlet hosting, Java servlet, JSP hosting, Java server page hosting, XML hosting, load balancing hosting, web hosting, Internet Service Provider,...
    Web Wombat Internet Directory
    Web Wombat Internet Search...
    FreeCode, Free Programming Source Code
    The FreeCode website is the world's largest collection of free Internet related source code. free programs are available in the following languages:...
    Java(TM) Boutique: Servlets
    The Java Boutique servlet section is a collection of server-side applets. It also features Java servlet news, links to other servlet resources, and...
    Professional Java Server Programming: with Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), X
    Professional Java Server Programming: with Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), XML, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), JNDI, CORBA, Jini and Javaspaces Andrew...
    SSI for Java 0.42
    A free Java toolkit to generate dynamic and static HTML pages from SHTML templates...
    JSP: Building Dynamic Websystems - JSP Architectures
    JSP Architectures. An explanation and comparison of the methodologies commonly known as "Model I" and "Model II". Lance Lavandowska. To Outline. If...
    The JSP FAQ is maintained by Richard Vowles and located at Our JSP reference describes the capabilities of JSP....
    Tagtraum industries
    Tagtraum industries - your partner when it comes to servlet technology....
    Resume, Java, Servlet, JSP, XML, XSL, Wireless, Palm, WML, WAP, Perl, Online Trading, Financial Applications, C/C++, JavaScript, Unix, Solaris,...
    How to use tree view (treeview) with induvidual pictures, databases, asp, idc/
    How to use the tree view with indiviual pictures, databasses, asp, idc/htx, servlets...
    Define Servlets Summary
    Define Servlets Summary. Servlet definition - Java source code add functionality to web server. History of web applications. Static and dynamic. CGI...
    JavaServer Pages specs unveiled
    Online News, 06/03/99 04:51 PM)JavaServer Pages specs unveiled. By Carol Sliwa. Sun Microsystems Inc. yesterday released the 1.0 specification for...
    JSP 101: Introduction to JavaServer Pages
    Click Here! Introduction to JavaServer Pages. Server-Side Scripting the Java Way. By JJ Kuslich. Send comments and questions about this article to...
    Jsp- to Jon Strande
    Subject -- jsp- to Jon Strande Author -- Rajeev Date -- 
    JSP "Tiny Samples"
    JSP Tags. "Tiny Samples" 
    Piggy Back - Create executable install programs
    Piggy Back by Kaboom JSP - Windows 95, 98, or NT. Piggy Back is a simple little tool that was developed to help create standalone, executable...
    Gefion software -- Introduces simplified licensing model for its servlet engin
    Press release: Gefion software adds Servlet 2.2 features and support for Open Source JSP 1.1 implementation...
    JSP Samples. This is a collection of samples demonstrates the usage of different parts of the Java Server Pages (JSP) specification. These examples...
    JSP Links
     JSP Links , About JSP , JSP Stars  ...
 - Free EJB Java Application Server and JSP Development 
    Unify eWave is the industry's first end-to-end e-commerce solution based on an open, component-based scalable architecture. Unify eWave consists of...1
    Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages
    Home page for Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages (a Sun Microsystems Press book)....
    What is PolyJsp? PolyJsp is an extensible JSP implementation designed to support multiple scripting languages and multiple JSP versions. Completely...
 - Servlet Hosting and JSP Hosting Solutions
    Java servlet hosting, JSP hosting, and web application hosting. Developer-friendly private java virtual machines, JSP, SQL databases, JDBC drivers,
    Talkback: JSP has same capabilities as ASP
    Downloads. Developer. 
    Oingo: "JSP engines"
    All of Oingo. Near Topic. JSP engines Open Directory Matching Topic: Top Computers Programming Internet JSP Engines. More General Topics. " JSP. More...
    Divide By Zero
    Running JSP and Catching Compile and Execution Errors. Notes: So far we have focused on how to write JSP pages . Now we switch to the topic of how...
    Servlets and JSP: An Overview
    Free Newsletter! Swatch Servers. Web Servers. FTP Servers. Mail Servers. App Servers. IRC Servers. Proxy Servers. Platforms. . . . more . . . Server...
    JSP Year 2000 Resource Center
    JSP Inc. Why the Free Year 2000 Checklist? What is the Year 2000 issue? JSP Update Notification. Year 2000 Links. Ask a Year 2000 Question. Ask a...
    JSP Manufacturers and suppler of Safety and Protection Equipment...
    Jsp for Practical Program Design by Dudman, Kay (Springer Verlag)
    Jsp for Practical Program Design by Dudman, Kay from Springer Verlag...
    JSP Services; acoustical ceiling tile restoration
    JSP Services Inc., offers complete restoration of acoustical ceiling tiles, with just the right amount of personal attention. We restore ceiling...
    GNUJSP - A free Java Server Pages implementation
    version 1.0. GNUJSP is a free implementation of Sun's Java Server Pages. Once the GNUJSP servlet is correctly installed, files with the extension...
    JSP Directives
    Sample Chapter from Professional Java Server Programming by Wrox Press Inc...


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