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Press Here to check out some great Sector Nine footage from the show
after the End of the Road premiere in SF. The folks at have been
wonderful enough to host this great footage from Aug. 1st, 2000

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Hunter Brown (guitar), Jeffree Lerner (percussion), David Murphy (bass), David Phipps, (keyboards) Zack Velmer (drums),
Steve Beatty, Isaac Cohen, Kris Harris, Airic Krudener, Colby Miller, Gene Smith, and Saxton Waller


I have recently made up some covers for
the 11.18.00 Maritime Hall Tree (below),
which the first attempt of many at CD covers.
Check out the Gallery & Please let me
know what you think.

Sound Tribe Sector 9 has released their second album,
"Offered Schematics Suggesting Peace",
recorded entirely with analog instruments.
Learning and mixing numerous recording techniques,
Sector 9's new release unleashes more mysteries
into the fusion of music and life.
Press Here to purchase the most recent release


" Crystal Report from STS9 "

   Sound Tribe Sector 9 is a family of musicians, artists, designers, engineers, and visionaries. We hold a collective attitude of cooperation and service. Cooperation amongst each other, service to Mother Earth. We believe that a new understanding of vibration could usher in the next evolutionary step for this planet. New forms of science, technology, medicine, architecture and design, and a higher collective consciousness may all be realized through vibration and music.

   Sound Tribe Sector 9 extends this open invitation to participate in our ever-evolving traveling production! Our intention is to enhance the environment of every Sector 9 performance through interactive visualization, ART. This is to create a sustainable circle of creative energy, were the music feeds the art and the art feeds the fans and the fans feed the music. We hope to transform the environment of every venue into a beautiful, spiritual place. Through this nightly transformation of our surroundings, our goal is to provide an environment conducive to laughing and dancing, learning about our multidimensional selves, sharing knowledge of sacred truths, and to provide an opportunity for personal and planetary alignment.

   You could help make this dream come true. There is within you the ability and resources to help us manifest a wonderful musical and visual experience. Just by coming to a concert, you add to the critical mass of positive vibrations. Is there anything else you could add to the show? Do you have a special talent you would like to share? Do you have art you wish to share with people everywhere? Are you the voice of important issues in your community? Get involved! Share your truth!

   To provide incentive for this collective art experience, we would like to offer to put the first five artists who offer to bring their work to a show on the guestlist. Just contact us at least one week to the event in your area, and we will arrange space and details. Another easy way to get involved is to send us SLIDES…any artwork or photographs from fans will go straight into our projector for inclusion in our visual production. An extensive list of opportunities and contact information is listed below.

   We hope to fulfill our responsibility as musicians to create music and environments that please the senses and give the opportunity for release of all kinds of creative energy. We offer our space each night for you to help fill with positive vibrations, whether it is art, activism, information, or guidance.

Marc Urbaitel
OneTribe Design
1790 Page St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

SEND DIGITAL ART TO:     Any questions? E-mail or


Here are some song titles for inspiration. Maybe a song will inspire you to create art that could be cued while the band was playing!

  • Moon Socket
  • Orbital
  • Four Year Puma
  • HB Walks to School
  • Hubble
  • Common Objects Strangely Placed
  • ... and Some are Angels
  • Inspire Strikes Back
  • Circus
  • Eb
  • When We Meet In Our Dreams
  • Drone d&b
  • Horn
  • King Pharoh's Tomb
  • Together Dreaming
  • Quests
  • Otherwise Formless
  • Mischief of a Sleepwalker
  • Water Song
  • Dance
  • Surreality
  • Frequencies of Mind
  • Time Within an Evolving Living Vehicle, Earth(T.W.E.L.V.E.)
  • What is Love
  • Itzamana
  • Kamuy
  • Baraka
  • Grow
  • Movements
  • Equinox
  • Ramone and Emiglio
  • Mobsters
  • Evasive Manuvers
  • Tap In
  • Monkey Music
  • Bosso Profundo
  • Evasive Manuvers
  • Shine
  • Blu Mood
  • Your It

This is the first of many Crystal Day Reports that we hope to send out regularly. Today is Tone Twelve, Red Crystal Moon. Each tone Twelve can be a time of crystallization of form, being and message. It is a time to affirm your intentions for the upcoming Wavespell. We hope we can help each of you to crystallize your own message and we hope that you will continue to be a magical part of ours.

Thank you so much for everything we've accomplished together already. We look forward to the future as a huge opportunity for everyone…make your presence known!

Co-existing with future communication channels, Sector 9 offers the fans the chance to receive online vibrational updates pertaining to new show postings, special offers and upcoming events. If you would like to receive these vibrational updates via electronic mail, simply enter your email address below. As avid traveling surfers, we will not participate in any spam mailing and your email address will not be given to likewise admiring minds.

This is to sign up for the bands official listserv.
In Lakech
Sound Tribe Sector 9

Sector 9 is a 5-piece band originally from Athens, GA. Their style has been labeled "Organic Techno", and truly needs to be experienced to be understood. Since starting in the mid 90's (as a trio) the band has pretty much toured the country non-stop enveloping each new city with their unique energy and leaving legions of new fans in their wake. A quote from their press release pretty much sums it up :

"One of the most active touring groups in America, STS9 has won an assembly of supporters whose devotion would be the envy of any other band. The members take this devotion very seriously, working 20 shows a month to both entertain and open listeners to the healing power of their own psyches. STS9 enhances its music with a meticulously crafted melange of lighting, spatial, and cinematic effects. Each facet of the show is designed to transport the magic of STS9's sound. A SoundTribe Sector 9 performance goes beyond mere visual or sonic spectacle - it is a complete environmental experience. Onstage, STS9 displays an astonishing degree of personality and presence, especially for an instrumental group. Although STS9 doesn't have a front man, this works to the group's advantage, allowing each member ample opportunity to commune with the audience. STS9 is simply one of the warmest, most joyful groups one could imagine watching, and this warmth spills over into the audience, creating an interplay that defies description. The music is lush and intricate, and compositions seem to develop lives of their own, feeding from and reacting to the participation of the audience. Liquid keyboards are punctuated with glistening licks and shimmering rhythms, sculpting another evening of sonic discovery.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Sound Tribe Sector 9 has extensively toured throughout North America. Last year, the band embarked on three cross-country tours and ended up in Santa Cruz, California, where they currently live, create, and plot out their strategy to bring groove consciousness to the world stage."

For more information please contact Lynn Hasty at Green Galactic at 323-466-5141 or

"They traffic the funky interstellar byways that course between planets Ambient, Jungle, and Techno with a hip-hoppy-head nod… they translate digibeats into live instruments."~Spin Magazine
"A quintet of Mayan-codex freaks still in their early twenties, Sector 9 play fast, nimble, and otherworldly music that revs up like tightly meshed prog rock, but with nary a discouraging dick-wagging solo to be heard. The submission of individual players into the combo mind-meld has been a hallmark of psychedelic music since the San Fran '60s, of course, but groups like these level the field even further by wading deeper and deeper into ego-free seas of sound." ~Richard Gehr, The Village Voice, Spin, Rolling Stone, The Phish Book
"...instrumentals that have one foot in the ‘70’s recalling such progressives as Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express , Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters and others (its the electronic keyboards) with the other foot stepping into the next millennium (its the inter-galactic monster-sized psychedelic rave-y space-jams). Guaranteed to launch you high into the atmosphere." ~High Sierra Music Festival 1999 Program Notes

Press Here for an interview Bob Wiely
did for Surrender To The Flow
after the bands 2.26.00 San Diego, CA show

"It may not be for everyone.
But it could be.
" - STS9

"STS9 has converted that permutation back into an analog format--digital framework and all. It's a live band of guitar, keyboards, bass and two percussionists playing long, flowing instrumentals echoing Miles Davis and the spacier side of Santana but often mimicking the clipped repetitions of looped techno drum-and-bass patterns." ~LA Times
"...the groove-meets-rave Sector 9 is looking to stun the usual jam-rocker audience with its beat-friendly, progressive rock and psychedelic trance sound." ~City Life (Las Vegas,NV)
"...Sector 9 fuses techno-shamanism with a jam-band sensibility. Layering Myan culture imagery over evolving and shape-shifting grooves that bubble with systhesizer fractals, the band creates hypnotic tapestries that engage both the mind and the body. Sooner or later, the hypnotic motin of the dance wins out, and that's about the time that Secto 9 really heads for the outer reaches" ~Metro (Santa Cruz,CA)

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