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Hi... We're not the Skywriters.

(updated: 11/8/00)

The Skywriters broke up.

But if you liked that band, you might like to know 4/5 of the band are now called the Snow Fairies. Yes, the Snow Fairies.

Unfortunately, things have beeen moving at molasses speed for the Snow Fairies. Everyone is pretty busy with school and their personal lives. A local music magazine almost rewarded us with the "laziest band ever" award, but the fact that we HAVE recorded a few songs for a potential debut single, disqualified us. We're not sure if the single will actually happen, but our fingers are crossed.

The Skywriters debut 7" (pictured left) is already sold out. We have a few copies but they are holled up in a quiet Philadelphia suburb and it is uncertain whether they will ever see the light of day. The single came out on Galaxy Train Records (Japan) back in May 2000 and was probably the best thing the Skywriters ever did. If you are into Japanese pop stuff, check out the other releases on Tohru's label. They totally rule!

We still have about 3000, er, 30, copies of the debut CD EP for just 5 dollars postpaid in the USA. Email: for info. You could also buy one from fine indie pop mail orders like Twee Kitten, Parasol, and Clairecords or directly from the label, Brentwood Estates. Don't buy it from Insound though! Their prices are outrageous. You could buy a milkshake and the new Milky Wimpshake single from a real shop for less than our CD EP costs!! (they ought to be ashamed of themselves.)

For a good two or so years in the late 90s, The Skywriters were:

(clockwise from the middle)
Rose - vocals, Joel - bass guitar, Neal - guitar, Jayme - guitar, Bethany - drums

(red live photo by John Berry, who is a big emo teddy bear.)

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