bile, nocturne, dimdred, intricate unit, tragedie ann, severence, odessa
webster theatre - hartford, ct

this show was a great mix of different types of music. the first band odessa. they were a great rock band that reminder me of pearl jam. next was severence they were a awesome metal band that got the kids moving. i liked the fact that they had a keyboard player in the band. next was tragedie ann. they were an industrial band that blew me away. in my opinion they are the next skinny puppy. they were my favorite opener of the night. if you get a chance see them do it they are just great i cant say enough good things about them. i did not really get to see to much of intricate unit because i was interviewing krztoff. but from what i heard from outside they sounded great. they mixed industrial with dance. krztoff was likeing them to from what he was hearing from outside. dimdred made me feel like i was back at a metal show of from my youth. from the song titles to the venom style of playing to guitar player doing a solo they are real talented. when nocturne got on stage i had never heard of them but they were amazing. they were fronted by a female singer that went from singing to screaming and was good at it. they were missing a member because he had to leave the tour early but they did a good job over all. finally it was time for bile the band i was there to see. you may have seen them in the movie strangeland they were the band that was playing in the bar. they put on the best live show i have ever seen. just non stop industrial metal with smoke and lights and a tv playing in the background. i was happy they played in league and legion which are two of my favorite songs. the only bad thing that night was there were not many people but it still is one of my top 3 shows i have ever seen.