tyler ritter- guitars, voice, loops, bass, 6-string bass, percussion
stefanie goodwin- voice, percussion
billy speer- cello

recorded from fall 2002-march 2006 by tyler ritter on 8-track and 4-track cassette machines in the following places- chris and natalie's house, adrienne and kim's house, our apartments- portland, or, scott and ingrid bush's house, mike's parents' house- kansas city, ks/mo, our apartment, the congress theater- chicago, il and billy speer's apartment- st. paul, mn.

mastered at magneto mastering by dave garner in minneapolis, mn.

all songs copyright 2003 stick figures with guns music except 'christmas song,' 'millions of blackbirds' and 'fully bloomed' copyright 2002
all songs written by tyler ritter