down to sleep

tyler ritter= guitars, voice, loops, percussion, toy xylophone, glockenspiel on inbetween bits, piano, fowley organ, bass, 6-string bass
stefanie goodwin= drums, voice, percussion, glockenspiel
billy speer= cello
hannah trobe= cello on 'to the sky'
christopher gagnon= violin

recorded from august 2005 to march 2008 by tyler ritter on 8-track cassette machine at the panda room, the congress theater, our apartment and hannah's apartment- chicago, il as well as stefanie's parents' house and billy's apartment- kansas city, ks/mo.

mastered by bruce templeton at magneto mastering in minneapolis, mn.
all songs written by tyler ritter, copyright stick figures with guns music- 1997- 'to the sky,' 'ahn,' 'down to sleep,' 2004- 'don't go,' 2005- 'crawl to you,' 'angels floating on the head of a pin,' 2006- 'you turn down,' 'so goodbye...', '2007- 'the sun is so bright...', 'sloba.' 'the sun is so bright...' contains verses from 'didn't leave nobody but the baby,' which is in the public domain.