shalloboi are a minimalist psychedelic drone duo currently based in chicago- they've called kansas city and portland, oregon home as well over the years- consisting of tyler ritter (vocals, guitars, loops) and stefanie goodwin (vocals, drums, percussion, glockenspiel, loops). musically they fall into a realm where low, my bloody valentine and sigur ros all intersect somehow. they've released seven albums since 2004 on their own endless december recordings imprint and have been on a few tours over the years. after a long and fruitful phase involving the use of a strings trio in both the live and recorded contexts the band have returned to the minimal, yet surprisingly loud dynamic employed on their 2008 fall tour and applying it to a wealth of as-yet unheard and unreleased new material- songs from a collection of four 7" singles entitled 'field of flowers' (the first of which is due later this year) and a long threatened double LP entitled 'chinese blue.'


paper doves

falling stars