christmas song revisited
on the bridge

a cllct christmas compilation

christmas song revisited- shalloboi, blue- madeline ava, christmas lights (paul baribeau)- tinyfolk, santa claws is fucking scary- garden on a trampoline, one christmas catalog (captain sensible)- mike downey, gifts=increase the risk of fire- oreaganomics, homely for the holidays- the rosa parks of music, o come, o come emmanuel- failedsitcom, born today- the author, a home at the end of the frozen river- johnny west, christmas is ridiculous- james eric, a time to celebrate (it's christmas)- eyes for volume, i can't write a kwanzaa song for shit!- a kit fox, christmas time is here holiday specials- kids of cons, jingle bell rock (featuring alex's mom)- your yellow dress

beecher kids fest '06 compilation- 'baby, let's go on a holiday'

songs- nice and friendly- fairytales, patrick elkins- suicide muffins, the poison control center- kennedy, shalloboi- dahlia, super famicon- if stars made sound, the sheds- too many pictures, unicorn basement- cannibal, andrew kettering- consequently you and i, axelrod gunnerson- he tsar, blanketarms- we two make three, catch the bear- your time may come sooner than you think, crimes of the black cat- part 03, the encyclopedias- sweetly, softly, imaginary numbers- a song for alex, joe robinson- someday, mikey likes it- no name hero, new ruins- short lived

oregone compilation #1

songs- lift every voice- tonehenge featuring rowena moore, two houses- lindsay kaplan and andrew wilshulsen, the ocean duck- jp jenkins, mt. pleasant- tonehenge, zedificiay- doug theriault, on the bridge- shalloboi, concerto 6- portland bike ensemble, the defeat of modern evil- metal, underwater is a playground- biathalon, butterfly tattoo- owl dudes, asthma sheen- cup na cup, begoo- every drum a star, gauge and toner- bryan eubanks

can be ordered through for $10 postpaid.