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Site News

1-23-09 - Songs taken down at request of band. Looking forward to their new record!

1-29-06 - Walking Around Waiting Downtown was featured on an episode of Disney Channel's Life With Derek, on an episode called "Male Code Blue," which first aired January 22nd. The show is pretty typical of what you might expect from Disney, but if you're interested, it plays right before the last commercial break about 20 minutes in. Thanks to Bridget for letting me know about it.

1-15-06 - Added another picture of Lisa to image gallery, sounds like things are going well for her with Broken Social Scene.

11-15-05 - Song problem finally fixed! I've been getting alot of requests for the broken link songs lately, so I've gone through the process of re-uploading them to my other angelfire names. The only difference between these songs and the others is that you will have to download them from a link on a different index, to prevent this from happening again. Also, while here, I added a few pictures to the image gallery and updated the band info to reflect old RSR members' new projects. (Lisa Lobsinger is now a member of Toronto's Broken Social Scene!) Thanks to everyone for your emails as well as your patience.

7-31-05 - Sorry for the lack of updates, but as you can imagine, there's not a whole lot to update about. Unfortunatly, many of the storage sites I created on angelfire for all of the RSR songs were shut down, so there's currently no way to download most of the RSR songs. Until (and if) I find a way to host the other songs (maybe with the same method), the only way to get the mp3's is to contact me directly, which I am more than willing to do. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the site. Also, while I'm here, some RSR-related news: former RSR drummer John Marcel de Waal now belongs to the Calgary band Duck!, which has a myspace located on that link. Its pretty cool, which was to be expected.

5-30-05 - Radio Free Roscoe came to an end Friday, and they ended their series finale, quite fittingly, with RSR's "One Marathon," the second time that song has been featured on Radio Free Roscoe. Still working on finding RFR pictures, hopefully I'll have something worthwhile to update with for June, what with RFR being dead.

5-06-05 - Reverie Sound Revue was featured on Radio Free Roscoe for the 4th time, with their song "Passes & Passports." Maybe that'll get this page some much needed traffic. Also updated the Songs page to a more correct Discography based on a French website i found while googling RSR.

5-03-05 - Received "This City Belongs To Us" yesterday, also thanks to Rico, just got around to posting it now. Here's the link to download This City Belongs to Us, the last of the known RSR songs.

5-01-05 - Received and posted Carefree Radio, thanks entirely to Rico, who also created the Reverie Sound Revue Myspace. Also a new picture of the band posted, hopefully with more coming. Stay tuned.

4-22-05 - I searched the web for some Summerlad mp3's(lisa lobsinger allegedly did vocals for a few of their songs), and found one of the 4 downloadable songs on their website included Lisa Lobsinger. I'll post it here, but be warned, its 7 minutes long, not terribly Lisa-centric, and its over 10MB in size. Here's the link to download "Breakdown Gang" by the Summerlad.

4-18-05 - Updated the website to make it look less crappy, I hope you noticed/appreciated the replacement of my crappy header with a decent picture that doesn't reflect my illegible handwriting. Any feedback on what you'd like me to do with this page is appreciated, especially if you have a better web host than Angelfire.

4-11-05 - Alternate versions of Rip the Universe and The AM posted, In The New available for download. I'll try to update the entire site soon, because i just recently noticed how terribly ugly it is. Also posted below are some pictures of the band

12-05-04 (Birth of Welcome to the (only?) Reverie Sound Revue fansite. If you somehow managed to come here by accident, RSR is a Canadian band (from Calgary, to be exact), and theyre just awesome. I encourage you to take a look around if youre not familiar with them.

if you came here on purpose(which is probably the case), then you already know how awesome RSR is, and you probably also noticed the staggering lack of an RSR website, which inspired this website in the first place.

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