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Cinema... for the next Generation

It began


A company called VGS


(Visions Gate Studios)


The idea of it




A long time ago.


In darkened Theaters, and rainy days, over popcorn fights, and with grainy images and black and white setsit began.  With names like Bogart and Lean and Welles and Poitier and Davis and Mamoulian… it began.


This idea that cinema could say something…. Lasting.


Things that needed… to be said.


That via Silver Nitrate and Video Tape and DVD it could continue, a conversation begun long before our births, and one hinged to continue long after our deaths.


A conversation begun with cave paintings, and stories told over open flame. A conversation of a scared, tired humanity, beset by things beyond the light. A conversation of man with an uncertain, aloof maker, and telling him of the marvels and the horrors seen… on walks through uncertain lands.                                                               


A long time ago, the idea came… that the jobs you do to put food on the table, or clothes on your back, have their necessity in our lives,(no huge light bulb there)


But the things you do… to continue a conversation, the things you do in the absence of any real biological need, the things you do, to speak to an uncertain and unknown audience, this conversation you are called to pick up; well that is work that has necessity in our souls.


And that is the work VGS has chosen to do.


For good or ill, with humor and with hubris, VGS is a small artists collaborative committed to telling stories. Via mediums of film, and paper, and voltages in a screen, we are bloody hunters returning to scribble our tales of violence and vision on digital cave walls. Visions Gate Studio is building fires in dark places, and around them we tell stories, to make you laugh, and fear, and hope.


We are VGS and we hope to tell stories the way stories were told to us...

The way we were taught


The old fashioned way


With all our might.


And along the way will we stumble?… of course, will we fail? Without question. Will we yield? Never.


Because at the end of the day telling stories is what it's all about.



It’s all that it’s about.


Join us as at VGS as with fits and starts we share our stories… with you. [heroictimes at yahoo]