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Christ Faith Home for Children

On going Ministries since 1986

Report - December 2007 to February 2008


“Season greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ”
His mighty power and immense grace are leading us in His ministries with His many fold blessings. We entered into the New Year 2008 not by our power or might but only by the power of the Holy Spirit. In the past years, especially in the year 2007 LORD’S righteous hand endured us through out the year.
We are writing this News Letter to explain the wonderful doings of our wonderful God through out 2007. In fact the Lord showered His many fold blessings gracefully and continually one by one which we have come forward to present before you to understand His mighty power, everlasting love and deep affection.

  1. Christmas Celebration @ Emmanuel Nursery & Primary School on 15th December 2007

Every year the whole world is celebrating the divine birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas day on 25th December. We too on behalf of Emmanuel Nursery & Primary School celebrated the Christmas day on 15th December 2007 in our Christ faith Home for Children’s campus joyfully and happily gathering the students, parents as well as the villagers dwelling in and around the Manappakam village which is our social service center. Mrs. Nalini Wilson, senior principle of St. Johns school, Mandhaveli, Chennai presided over the function and contributed a heart-provoking message to the gathering.
Interesting and ever rememberable & colourful Performances of the little ones those who are studying right from 1st standard to 5th standard (183 students) made every body to enjoy the programs with appreciation. The manger scene which pictured the Birth of Jesus Christ, the only son of God touched every body’s heart to understand meaningfully the unique love of God on human beings. Christmas gifts were distributed to the students by the chief guest.

  1. Inter Denominational Ecumenical Carol Service

On 16th December 2007 the Churches situated all around Manappakam village gathered with one mindedness to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by singing songs to reveal the happiness of Christmas day. The colorfully illuminated stage attracted the attention of the village people gathered on that day. Bro. Williams, Engineer in Autonomy Power Station shared the word of God explaining the love of God, the father WHO sent His only begotten son to shed the blood on the Cross of Calvary for the redemption of all the human beings in this world. 

14 church choirs participated contributed their melodious Christmas songs one by one and the people enjoyed very much. The Panchayat president of Manappakam village Mr. Pandiyan presided over the program and distributed sarees to totally 150 women (Care takers, old women and inmates). The monthly pension for the widows was distributed on the same day. Mr. Pandiyan, Bro. Williams, Rev. Rajesh Joe, Rev. A.X.P. Rayen and Mrs. Maida Raja the president of CFHC distributed the gifts to the staffs and workers. Every body was happy on receiving the gifts as well as witnessing the Ecumenical Christmas Carol Program.

  1. The Nocturnal - Youth Celebration

On 17th December the ALOE YOUTH FELLOWSHIP conducted a special music concert in the name of “The Nocturnal – Celebration with carpenter’s Son. Christian and non Christian Youths from different villages were invited for this special youth program.There was a big gathering and the youth enjoyed special program from the beginning to end even though heavy rain interrupted from the beginning of the program. Special Songs were sung by the choir; Rev. Joe shared inspiring messages from the Bible in comparison with science and history in an attractive way of presentation. Bro. Chuck from BBCM, Bangalore was the chief guest of the day who spoke on the theme “The Nocturnal”. On the whole the program was most appreciable and many youth has come forward to commit their life for the wonderful service of the Lord.


  1. Christmas Celebration @ Church of Sinai

On 22nd December 2007 we Conducted Sinai winter Festival, Singing Competition and Christmas Celebration for the community. The Sunday school children of the Sinai church, children from Angel’s kids club, Sinai Youth battalions performed various programs on that day and glorified the Name of God. Gifts were distributed to all the children, youths of the church and to the members of the church. Especially the old mothers and widows who are receiving monthly pension were also given sarees as gift for Christmas. Pastor Manohar was the chief speaker of the day, delivered the Lord’s message centered on the Love of Christ on everybody without any difference of caste and religion. This Program was telecasted on the television on 25th Dec as a special Christmas.


  1. Christmas celebration @Special Government School for prison children, on 27th December 2007

Every year we celebrate Christmas in special government school for prison children. This year also we celebrate the Christmas program on 27th at 4.30 pm. The program was performed for the 300 boys in Special Home. Various programs like dance, Skit and group dance were performed by he children of CFHC and the youths of Church or Sinai to share the love of the Eternal God. Everyone enjoyed the program; we were able to see joy and happiness in faces of all the children. We distributed sweets, special gifts for he boys who participated in the dance. At last snacks were given to every participant.


  1. Christmas celebration in paranur’s leper’s colony

Every year we never forget to celebrate Christmas with leprosy people. This year too we went and Celebrated the season of love with the Leprosy people on the 27th evening at 6.30pm. We shared the love of Christ with them. We started the program with 400 people in the Leprosy campus. Our Home children performed various programs like dance, skit, and group dance fantastically. The people enjoyed the program forgetting their sufferings. Rev. Joe shared the word of God. We prayed for them and especially for the drunkard who took oath to get away from alcoholic habits Finally we distributed gifts and sweet to the children and snacks to every body.

  1. Mass thanks giving prayer:

On 30th December, the year ending day of 2007, we Conducted “MASS THANKS GIVING PRAYER” to thank the Lord For all that we graciously and mercifully received from the Mighty hands of our eternal God through out the year 2007. We started the prayer with melodious Christian songs and prayed earnestly with thankful heart following prayer points for the needy people to meet their basic requirements without much difficulty and sufferings. All the children, inmates and staff of CFHC attended this thanks giving prayer


  1. Republic day celebration

In the History of India 26th January is the important day of the Republic India. Indian government declared sovereignty of Republic India on 26th January 1950. The correspondent the teachers, staffs, students and their parents of Emmanuel nursery and primary school(ENPS) gathered at 6.30am in the school premises to attend the republic day function. The days program started with march past by school children followed the flag hoisting and flag song. Rev. Joe , the manger of the school gave a special speech about the Republic India and the Beautiful Variety entertainments programs were performed by the students of ENPC . The Program ended with the National Anthem and Special sweets were distributed to the staff and the children.

  1. Bunch Family Medical Clinic

The First Year Anniversary of Bunch Family Medical Clinic was celebrated on 8th February 2008 at uyyalikuppam, the Tsunami affected sea-shore village which has been adopted by CFHC. The program started with lighting the kuthuvilaku(candle). We extended hearty thanks to the Lord of love and also the main sponsor Children of the World, USA who are supporting for the successful operation of the medical clinic. Variety entertainments were performed by the fishermen families’ children very attractively and appreciably. Mr. Mark Deister joined with us as a guest of honor on that day. The special power point presentation was made by the BFMC team about the various activities and the achievements of the clinic in the past one year. The whole village gathered and enjoyed the program. The whole fisherman community thanked CFHC and Mrs. .Maida Raja thanked the community for their co-operation to run the clinic.

  1. Peace Garden - Inauguration

On 9th February 2008 we had a special program at Kumili village situated near Guduvancheri, a developing village 30 kilometers away from Chennai city in our new property where the Home for Boys is shifted. The property was named as “PEACE GARDEN”. Mr.Mark Deister, USA dedicated the new boys home and blessed all of us at CFHC. Entertainment programs such as dance, group dance, fancy dress competition and a skit were enacted by our children, our school teachers and staff and workers CFHC. A communion lunch was provided by our President Mrs.Maida Raja after her elaborate address about the history of CFHC right from the beginning 1986 till date. She expressed her hearty thanks to all the donors who helped to purchase this property and to build the boy’s home. She thanked Terra Tech foundation, Germany, Ghyslain Choclatier, USA and especially Mr.Mark Deister who has come all the way from USA to bless the New Home. She expressed our thirst to purchase the adjacent land for the future utilization and expansion of CFHC to run the Home for girls, Home for deserted women, old age home and to construct a Christian Community Center to conduct retreats which would in turn be an income generation to CFHC also.


First of all we the management, staff, children and inmates of CFHC praise and thank our Lord of Compassion for His mighty hands enacted graciously and generously through and through the year 2007. Meanwhile we uphold each and every donor, prayer-partners, and the congregational members of your blessed churches, your flourishing business, your professions and jobs in our prayer with thankful and grateful heart.


In His Service
Maida Raja
Founder - President
Christ Faith Home for Children