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("The Y.D.B.")


The YDB's 40-song RATIONALHARDCORE DOUBLE-ALBUM 'Stop Kidding Yourself' / 'Taxation is Theft' is completed and available on audio cd. Free mp3s & wav are available in the column to the right. Videos, such as "It" above, are available on YouTube. Shows TBA. (c) 2004-2007 The Y.D.B. and PhoenixHeart Records & Media


The Yellow Day Brigade (The YDB) seeks to set the "punks" straight with its brand of rationalhardcore, a genre and movement it essentially founded. A revival of that old-school combination of jackhammer beats and thrashy riffs recalling Bad Brains and Minor Threat presents a shock to the wussy emo-pop-punk and extra-heavy metalcore fans alike. As if a jolt of early eighties hardcore is not enough, The YDB's version also fuses mechanical beats and acid-bath guitar processing for an industrial edge heavily influenced by Big Black.

The abrasive sound waves aside, consider the amazement of some punk/hardcore enthusiasts when they discover The Yellow Day Brigade is staunchly against Leftist politics. In creating the rationalhardcore movement, The YDB seeks to create hardcore/punk music and culture steeped in anarcho-capitalist/paleo-libertarian discipline - And it will be done with or without the "mainstream hardcore/punk" empire. After all, isn't secession central to real hardcore/punk?

Hardcore. Some major musical influences include Bad Brains, Big Black, fast/thrashy music like oldschool hardcore and good punk and metal... Major vocal influences include HR (Bad Brains), Mark Adkins (Guttermouth), Jack (TSOL), Dexter (The Offspring), Dave (AFI), Ian (Minor Threat), James Hetfield (Metallica), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Keith Morris (Circle Jerks & Black Flag), et cetera.

* Non-Aggression Records = Music consistent with the Non-Aggression Axiom
* YDB Records website = YDB Records: Your source for libertarian/paleoconservative music
* PhoenixHeart Records & Media
* = online home of the rationalhardcore movement

40-song rationalhardcore double-album:

"Stop Kidding Yourself" / "Taxation is Theft"

(The YDB's flyer/patch logo)

the song list:
1: "It" mp3
"No Response" mp3
"Stop Kidding Yourself" wav
"Moral Hero" wav
"Just Wait" wav
"Heartless Bloody Victims" mp3
"Strike" wav
8: "Never"
9: "What Will It Takes"
10: "T" (Babylon Falls)
"Conspired" wav
12: "Open Jaws"
13: "Stamp"
14: "R.O.R."
15: "Wings"
"Fury" wav
17: "Faster Than You"
18: "Waste"
19: Political Swine
20: Taxation is Theft
21: Gateway
23: Focus on Restitution
24: You Have A Right To Life
25: No Valid Excuse
26: Star Scream 1
27: Prison Rape
28: Worse
29: Ambition Room
30: 48
31: Stop The Violence
32: Destroy
33: Star Scream 2
34: You Know I Was Here
35: They're Left Behind
36: "Department Of _______"
37: Demon's Eye
38: Words
39: University / & Your Money Pays For It / Soon Decay
40: Star Scream 3

Copyright (c) 2004-2007 THE YELLOW DAY BRIGADE