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Title: Sunnydale Elementary

Author: Margie

Rating: G

Pairing: B/S, X/A, W/T (friendship - they're only in the 3rd grade people!)

Summary: What if the gang had met back in 3rd grade? AU, everybody's human. Giles is Spike's dad.

Disclaimer: Own nothing. Joss owns all.

Author's Note: This fic was inspired by the elementary series found at


Chapter 12 -

Buffy was so excited she was bouncing up and down. Beside her Willow giggled. Buffy always had a lot of energy but today she was unstoppable! Willow laughed again as Buffy bounced up out of her seat, ran over to Xander, said something so fast that Xander didnít quite catch it, and then ran back to plop down next to her.


"Wills!" Buffy was smiling, her face red with energy. "Arenít you excited! Donít you love my shoes! I love my shoes!"


Buffy was kicking her feet back and forth smiling down at the shoes her mom had found at the thrift store last weekend. They were perfect! They were red and closed with a strap. And they had shiny sequins all over them. They looked just like Dorothyís ruby red slippers! And because she told her mom they were doing dress rehearsals today, she had done her hair especially neat in her normal two braids.


William on the other hand, was acutely uncomfortable. He had to wear a stupid funnel on his head and the bloody thing kept slipping off. His Da made him wear a dumb silver vest too. He looked like a pansy. But at least he didnít look as bad as monkey boy!


Xander had a tail. It didnít bother him so much except he couldnít really sit down. That bothered him. He glanced across the room at Anya. She was wearing a straw hat and a plaid shirt. And her mom had drawn extra freckles on her face. One of their scenes was coming up. They had to skip down the road together with their arms linked. Xander blushed. He still hadnít gotten over that kiss at the museum.


Willow was wondering what Xander was thinking when she saw the stain of pink flush his face. When she saw who he was looking at she smiled. Xander always acted all funny in front of Anya. He was crazy! She turned toward Anya to see what she was wearing and caught sight of Tara, who was sitting next to her.


Tara was holding a wand and wearing fairy wings on her back. Her mom had put glitter all over her hair too. She was all shiny. Tara caught her looking and gave a small wave and a shy smile before turning back to Anya.


"Willow looks so evil!" Tara whispered to Anya when she turned back. She didnít look anything like she normally does. She had on a black witchís hat and a short black dress. Her mom must have put black lipstick on her, and green face paint. She even had a broom!


"Okay everyone! Please quiet down and take your seats." Mr. Giles was ushering them into the first 3 rows of the auditorium.


"But I canít sit!" Xander whined. William snickered. And Anya smiled thinking Ďsilly Xander.í


"Yes, yes. Well just stand to the side then please Xander." Mr. Giles dismissed him.


Buffy watched as Mr. Giles took the first group of students up to the stage. She was still bouncing in her chair when Spike came to sit beside her.


"Hey goldilocks."


"Hey spike head."


"What are you so bouncy for? Why canít you sit still?" Will watched her warily.


"Iím excited butthead!" Buffy shot him her Ďdonít you know anything?í look. "The playís tomorrow! And Iím Dorothy! And did you see my new shoes?"


"Only a girl would get excited about new shoes!" Will said in exasperation.


"So what? Whatís wrong with that?" Buffy was starting to get annoyed. "And theyíre not just new shoes. Theyíre ruby red slippers!"


"Whatever goldilocks. Those arenít bleediní ruby slippers. They just got stuff glued on to them to make Ďem look like ruby slippers!" Spike said matter of factly.


"Take that back!" Buffyís bottom lip was jutting out.


"I will not!" Spike was determined to stick to his guns.


"Spike head!"




"I donít want to talk to you anymore!" Buffy turned in a huff.


"Well who said I wanted to talk to you?!" Will answered back.


They were still turned away from each other when Tara walked up. "Hey Glinda." Will offered.


"Hi Tara." Buffy and Willow greeted in unison.


"H-hi guys. Can I sit down?" Tara asked.


Buffy moved over one so that Tara could sit in between her and Willow. Unfortunately this caused her to be sitting directly next to Spike.


She turned and stuck her tongue out at him before giving her attention back to Tara.


"I like your wings." Willow offered shyly.


"I l-like your costume too." Tara gestured toward the broom and hat.


"Thanks." They both said together and then giggled.


Mr. Giles glanced over to check on his little hellions. They were sitting together, but didn't seem to be causing any major trouble. He sighed. Their scene was coming up soon.


Buffy was busy trying not to squish the edge of Tara's wings while simultaneously trying to sit as far away from butthead as she could.


She squeaked when she got a jab in the ribs with his elbow. "Come on goldilocks Da's calling us."


She glared at the back of his head as she followed him up steps of the stage.


Xander watched as Buffy and Will went through their lines. He had just gotten off the stage with Anya and was just standing at the bottom of the steps to watch. He didn't like Will. He was always so mean to Buffy! He was such a jerk!


He couldn't believe that Buffy had to kiss him! He cringed as she saw her lean in closer.


"Argh!!" Buffy's head whipped to the side when she heard Xander's exclamation.


"What are you doing you stupid git?!" Will demanded as Xander came barreling up the stage.


"Will! Watch your language!"


"Sorry Da."


"Mr. Giles! You can't! You can't make Buffy kiss him!" Xander was practically begging.


"Xander please go take your seat!" Mr. Giles was beginning to rub at the ache pounding at his temples.


"It's okay Xander. He promised he wouldn't run away this time. We even practiced a little already." Buffy was oblivious to Xander's shocked expression.


"Argh!!! You mean you kissed him when you didn't even have to?!"


"We were practicing for the play!" Buffy huffed at her friend.


"Yeah and your ruining it monkey boy!" Will could see the light shine of tears in Buffy's eyes. He was starting to get really mad at the wanker.


"Sit down!" Mr. Giles glared at the young boy. "Now Mr. Harris!"


Xander took one last look at Buffy before he slunked back down the stairs, his tail between his legs.


At Buffy's sniffle Will turned around. He put his hand on her back and rubbed in a circle. "It's okay goldilocks. We'll start over kay?"


"*sniffle* okay *sniffle*" She swiped at her nose.


The auditorium was quiet after Xander's fit. While he stood huffing below the stage Buffy and Will got closer to the end of the scene.


"Thanks Tin Man!" Buffy smiled sweetly at Spike.


Will was glad that Buffy had stopped crying. He turned his cheek toward her as she leaned in closer. When he felt the light peck on his cheek he though, "Doesn't seem so bad this time."


They both turned their heads at the sound of the thump.


"Dear Lord." Mr. Giles whispered. How were they ever going to get through tomorrow night?


Buffy and Will watched as Anya patted Xander's unconscious head as she sat next to him on the auditorium floor.




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