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The tracking process is quite simple. I will need two MP3s for each song we are to do. The first MP3 should be a demo with whatever drums you have been using to help me get a sense of what you are after. The second MP3 should contain all elements of the mix except the drums - I will perform along to this mix and then return the demo tracks running it as a reference. It is not required but would be helpful for me to know the tempo you recorded your track at, what your project settings are (clock speed, sample rate), as well as to create a sync tone (more info on that Here) at the beginning of the track for us to align with. I will also need detailed notes in an email about what you are looking for from the drum part, or we can converse on the phone, or face-to-face on the net via Skype.

When you receive your demo MP3, you can tell me if you would like to hear any changes or additions to what I am playing. Once we have the take that you would like to use I will send your completed tracks to the studio server for you to download. The whole process typically only takes a few short days.

I can provide whatever combination of drum tracks you wish. My typical return is 10 tracks: Kick, Snare (Top & Bottom), Hi-hat, 4 separate tom mics, and left and right Overhead mics. Room mics are also available, as well as beater side of the kick or any other special request you have - these options are included in the quoted price - never extra.

I can output whatever you need as far as mixing options go. Most artists choose to take raw drum tracks so that they have the maximum control over their mix, but if you are in a hurry, or just don't want the hassle of mixing the drums then I can provide a fully EQed and level-ridden stereo drum track that is ready to plug straight in to your project at no additional charge.

Another popular option that many clients choose is to take the individual tracks bounced with my standard EQ - thereby getting "my" drum sound while still retaining control of the individual elements of the drum kit. My drum sound has evolved over a lot of years of practice in tuning, head selection, mic choice, as well as some first hand EQ tweaking from NYC Engineer Jarrett Light right here in my own studio. Again, whichever output option you choose is included in the price - I do not charge extra for mixing or EQing the drums.

I can also provide hand percussion at no extra charge, just let me know what you need!

Additionally, if you would like to capture an entire rhythm section live, I have access to many top studio musicians in the Mid-Atlantic and NYC areas. Tracking a live rhythm section in my studio is always another available option.

I will give you the best quality drum sound available today, along with an outstanding performance that compliments and enhances your music as only a creative, experienced performer can. Click "Contact Marc" and let's get started!

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