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Creating a Sync Tone or "Blip"

The beauty of the internet is that it has enabled musicians from all over the world to collaborate, but one of the problems often experienced with bringing files back in to your project is how to align them with your original recording. If your song has an intro without the drums, then I can just paste a bit of that audio on to the drum tracks (you can then mute it out after its aligned), or I can place a snare hit on beat four of the click track; but, by far, the most accurate way for us to align tracks is for you to create a SYNC TONE.

The ideal way to create a sync tone is to use a Tone Generator plug-in if you have one. Dial up some really annoying Square waveform sound - at whatever torturous frequency you desire - then record a couple short blips of it onto your project ahead of where the track starts. Make sure you bounce those blips of noise with the MP3s you send me. I will then paste those blips at the exact same location on the drum tracks I return to you, allowing you to perfectly align the drums back in to your project visually.

If you do not have, or are unfamiliar with Tone Generator plug-ins, then either some succinct sound from a synthesizer (say that 5 times fast), guitar or other instrument will also work - just try to make the sound bursts as short and tight as possible.