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Hi Jerome,

Here are some details with regards to the setup:

The files are labeled from "drum chair" perspective not "audience" perspective - flip the whole works if you want audience. Overheads pan to the side corresponding to their label, and then the Toms fit underneath nicely as follows:

Tom 1 = 100% Left

Tom 2 = 50% Left

Tom 3 = 50% Right

Tom 4 = 100% Right

Hi Hat = 50% Left

You can change the placement a bit under the overheads, but you may run into some phasing issues if you take things to far from where they reside on the actual kit. Speaking of phasing - you will need to flip the phase on the raw version of the snare bottom mic if you chose to use it. It provides a bit more of the snare crackle - I normally run it at about a 75% volume level of the main snare mic. I left all the reverb out of the drum mix so you'd have more control. I had been using an EMT 140 Plate sim on both the snare and toms if you want to recreate that sound. I would also recomend bussing the whole drum kit through a stereo Aux track with some compression (I'm sure you already know this stuff) which will give a ton of punch, but also allows you to scale down the size of the kit across the stereo spectrum by bringing the pan on that Aux track in closer. Let me know if you have an questions.

Happy Mixing!


Right Click and "Save Target As...":

LTK Kick

LTK Snare

LTK Left Overhead

LTK Right Overhead

LTK Hi Hat

LTK Tom 1

LTK Tom 2

LTK Tom 3

LTK Tom 4

Twins Kick w/EQ

Twins Snare w/EQ

Twins Left Overhead w/EQ

Twins Right Overhead w/EQ

Twins Hi Hat w/EQ

Twins Tom 1 w/EQ

Twins Tom 2 w/EQ

Twins Tom 3 w/EQ

Twins Tom 4 w/EQ