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Hi Jarrett,

Here are some details with regards to the setup:

The files are labeled from "drum chair" perspective not "audience" perspective - Overheads pan to the side corresponding to their label, and then the Toms fit underneath nicely to avoid phasing as follows:

Tom 1 = 100% Left

Tom 2 = 50% Left

Tom 3 = 50% Right

Tom 4 = 100% Right

Hi Hat = 50% Left

Ride = 50% Right

Happy MIxing!


Right Click and "Save Target As...":

Fight Kick

Fight Snare

Fight Snare Bottom

Fight Left Overhead

Fight Right Overhead

Fight Ride

Fight Hi Hat

Fight Tom 1

Fight Tom 2

Fight Tom 3

Fight Tom 4

Intro Fight Kick

Intro Fight Snare

Intro Fight Snare Bottom

Intro Fight Left Overhead

Intro Fight Right Overhead

Intro Fight Ride

Intro Fight Hi Hat

Intro Fight Tom 1

Intro Fight Tom 2

Intro Fight Tom 3

Intro Fight Tom 4