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Recent Releases/Happenings:

Just Released November 2014! Marc drums on Irish keyboardist and masterful composer Jerome Disney's debut "Into Imagined Lands". Huge, panoramic soundscapes. Echoes of Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield. Contemporary instrumental rock - don't miss this one!

January 2013: Glenn Riley, melodic shred guitar virtuoso, releases is solo EP January 21st, 2013! With Marc on drums, and session monster Dave DeMarco ( on bass

January 2013: Amazing and technical Prog-metal band "Descent into Madness" getting some great press at Recording Magazine. Marc on drums

Jerome Disney with Auralscapes has begun mixdown of tracks with Marc's drumming. Amazing blend of electronica, ethnic and classical elements.

November 2012: Italian pop sensation Alessandro Schiavone releases his first CD. Limited tracks available in the US via here. Marc reunited for this project with songwriter/producer Andrea Tosi, using Google translate the whole way through again!

Tracks featuring Marc and Dave DeMarco with BMI Singer/Songwriter Steve Fields (Blood, Sweat and Tears, Jimi James, Chambers Brothers) available here.

Completed the drumming and engineering for the "Dreamer" CD with Terry Gourley. Released May 1st, 2010. Also features Grammy nominee Sonia of Disappear Fear and Jazz master Michael Raitzyk on Guitar

April 2010 - Completed the drumming and percussion for the musical "Patto di Luce" (Italian Release)

Jan '10 - Marc joins the Artist Roster at Evans Drumheads - great sounds!

Dec '09 - "Christmas Time is Here Again" - track featuring Marc by Steven Kluesner reaches #56 on Amazon's top selling MP3 downloads in the Jazz category

Hear Marc's drumming on The Seven "Crux" - Brainchild of South Carolina prog-fusion guru Kevin A. Smith

Completed the drumming on "The Total Rock Guitarist" from Alfred Publishing

Completed the drumming on "Shred Boot Camp" from Alfred Publishing

Fantastic Folk/Rock/Pop CD "Big Red Sun" - Alexis Harte's fourth release - with tracks featuring Marc and 16 other incredibly talented musicians!

Check out yours truly on guitar virtuoso Scott Motyka's new Prog-Metal release "Cut...From Within" at Guitar Nine Records

Country/Folk CD "Step Back" from the UK's Oliver Southgate

Another great release with Marc's drumming also now at Guitar Nine: "Powerflower" from Swiss guitarist Mark Raphael

MODERN DRUMMER Magazine Online about the making of Marc Norgaard's "Tolerance" CD - use the artist browser

"Tolerance" Reviewed in the Dec issue of GUITAR WORLD Magazine

RECORDING Magazine 20th Anniversary Issue (Oct 07) features an article about Marc's drum session services

Review of the "Tolerance" CD at Modern Guitars Magazine

Review of "Tolerance" at Stereo Subversion

Talented Vocalist Kianna J's debut release "My City" with Marc drumming is now available

"Tolerance" CD is now available on iTunes

Marc performs on the "Zen Shred Zone" CD with the Tobias Hurwitz Band released Aug 22nd, 2007. Also features Michael Angelo Batio and Mattias Ia Eklundh on guitars.

Marc's solo CD "Tolerance" released from Call Sign Records on Aug 15th, 2007

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