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Marc Uses and Endorses:
Evans Drumheads
Puresound Snare Wires
Craviotto Snare Drums

Artist Links:
Dave DeMarco - Session Bass
Dave DeMarco - Artist Site
Auralscapes, Jerome Disney - Composer
Andrea Tosi - Composer
Brett Garsed
Frank Gambale
Alexis Harte
Steve Hunt
Tobias Hurwitz
Jude Gold
Steven Kluesener
Carl Filipiak
Martin Brothers Horns
Arnie Davidson
Mark Raphael

Industry Links:
Pollen Music Group
Massive Music
Cimarron Group
Getty Images - Audio Division
Broadcast Music, Inc
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

Masterdisk NYC

Recording Magazine
Mix Magazine
Modern Drummer
Drum Magazine
Guitar Channel
Distant Early Warning - Progressive Rock Radio - Vancouver's Best Music Mix
Fret Net

Guitar Nine Records
Maryland Musician

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