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Do you want master quality drum tracks for your demo, trailer, jingle or indie release at a great price? I have over seventeen years of experience in recording - from both sides of the console - and over twenty years experience as a drummer working with world-class artists as well as weekend warriors; in styles from Rock to Jazz, Funk to Folk, and Country to Metal. In that time I have found that the most important aspect of any drum part is that it be supportive and allow the focal points of the music to shine - yet at the same time it must bring energy, intensity and interest to the listener in a way that machines and loops just can't do. My goal is to provide the excitement and support that only an organic performance can, while keeping my services affordable to all. The process of tracking over the Web is simple, and even has some advantages. The best feature is that I have the time to commit to learning exactly what your song needs - we aren't under the gun paying engineers and studio rental fees while trying to get just the right take for you.

When you hire me for drum tracking, know that you will get the best performance available, recorded on a state-of-the-art Pro Tools 10.0 system in a great sounding room. I never charge extra for special requests, hand percussion tracks, or extra mixing options on the output side.

Browse the links at left to learn more about the process, hear some of my previous work, and, when you are ready, click on "Contact Marc" and lets get started on your project!

If you still aren't sure, please check out this link to a recording Magazine review of Marc's product:

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