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Marc Norgaard






Audio/Video Samples

Media Kit


Drum and Studio Equipment

Whatever unique drum textures your recording or live show needs, Marc and his studio can deliver it. From the finest in acoustic drums and exotic percussion all the way to the world of electronics, he has any sound you need. Here is a partial listing of Marc's drum and studio gear:

Drum Gear

8 piece Sonor "Lite" series - Vintage 9-ply Acoustic Drum Kit

4 piece DW Custom Jazz Drum Kit

7 piece Roland V-Pro series Electronic Drum Kit

Zildzian A, K, and K Constantinople Series Cymbals too numerous to list

9 Vintage and Modern Snare Drums

Gong Bass Drum (Sonor)

Remo Roto-toms

Extensive Assortment of Hand Percussion

Roland SPD-S Sampling Drum Pad

Drum Samples too numerous to list

Studio Gear

Pro Tools LE 8.0 System running on Dual Quad-Core Processors

Digidesign 002R Preamp/DAI

Yamaha MG16-6 Board

Presonus Digimax Preamps

Waves, TL, IK and Universal Audio plug-ins too numerous to list

Lexicon MPX-550 Outboard Processor

T-Racks 24-bit Mastering Suite

JBL 12" LSR6328P RMC Monitors


AKG D112

Sennheiser 421s

Sennheiser 609

Shure SM57s

Shure SM81s

Heil PR-30