State Of Green 2009 reunion concert

State Of Green was a power punk/pop rock band formed at Bowling Green State University around 1993 and disbanded in 1997. The main lineup consisted of singer/keyboardist Tony Poling, guitarist Scott Rogers, drummer Matt Colaizzi and bassist Todd Yurgelis. Adam Rich replaced Yurgelis in late 1994, and guitarist Jim Koch joined. Koch left after a few months to form his own band, the Big Creak. The lineup of Poling/Rogers/Colaizzi/Rich remained intact until mid 1997. The band released a 3 song demo How's Your Hog in 1995 and their full length CD Lost in 1996. They played mostly in BG to the college kids, alternating between originals and popular covers. It wasn't until Rich sent their demo tape to a contest in early 1995 that changed the course of the band.

The band made it into the Labatt's/I.R.S. Records Local Band Showdown contest in the summer of 1995 and competed in Cleveland. They made their way through the first and second rounds at the Euclid Tavern and Odeon, and found themselves representing Cleveland in the multi city finals at the Agora. While they lost the grand prize, they did earn enough from their winnings to finance their debut CD Lost . It was recorded at Spider Studios by Ben Schiegel. Schiegel is now one of the top hard rock producers in Cleveland.

1996 saw the band play out 5-6 times a month from June to August. These shows included Cleveland dates opening for such major label acts as Pluto (Virgin) and Watershed (Epic) as well as several outdoor festivals in Pittsburgh with Molly Hatchet and Cheap Trick. The band also played the legendary CBGB's on a snowy Tuesday night. They continued to play in BG and a few Cleveland shows for the rest of the year once school started back up. In 1997, the band got to open for the Violent Femmes in the BGSU gymnasium. This was the end of the year concert before school let out in May. It was also the last show the band had, as members graduated and went their seperate ways.

On November 6th, 2009 the band performed for the first time in 12 years as part of Love Muffin Showcase 7 at the Symposium in Cleveland. A great time was had by all, as family members and former BG fans made the trek up from places such as Columbus and Toledo. We still have a very small quantity of the Lost CD available for purchase

Below are some pictures from back in the heyday of the band, as well as shots from the reunion concert.

1994 - 1997

2009 reunion concert

Thanks to all who came out! it was great seeing some old faces again.