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Judo Girl and Judo Boy made their mark back in the swingin’ 1960s. Beloved the world over, this brother and sister crime-fighting super team dealt justice to bad guys and super villains the only way they could — with specially honed martial arts abilities (and really nice smiles).

But one day they mysteriously disappeared, falling prey to the treacherous Captain Steel, one of their most dangerous enemies. It would not be until the early 21st century that they would return to our existence, both still in the prime of their lives. Unfortunately Judo Boy (Derek) had unwittingly became the cybernetic pawn of Captain Steel and Judo Girl (Diana) had no choice but to face off with what her brother had become. Judo Girl ultimately defeated Steel, but was unable to save her brother and bring him back to humanity.

One day she will find and change him back as he once was before. But in the meantime, Diana adjusts to her brave new world, and finds that the future needs a Judo Girl just as much as the past did.