Minnie The Mermaid (A Love Song In Fish Time)
Words and music adapted by Jack Norton, copyright 1999 (1930 / Bud De Sylva).

C The other night I,
D7 dreamed that I,
was G7 down at the bottom of the C sea. Ab7 | G7
E7 I met a mermaid fair,
Am who was E7living Am there,
D7 her name was Minnie,
and she G7 tumbled for me.
Now you know Minnie,
was a C kind of a A7 fish,
but D7 take it from me she was a G7 beautiful fish...

C Oh, what a time I had with,
Minnie the A7 Mermaid,
D7 down at the bottom of the sea.
G7 I forgot my troubles,
C there amongst the bubbles,
D7 gee, but she was aw'fly good to G7 me.
And C7 every night when the starfish came out,
F I would love Fm her C | D7 so, G7 oh,
C Oh what a time I had with,
A7 Minnie the Mermaid,
D7 down in her G7 seaweed bunga C low.

I can't forget those,
happy days,
way down at the bottom of the sea.
I'm really strong for her,
and now I long for her,
And I'm inclined to think she's longing for me.
So ev'ry night I'm in bed before nine,
hoping I'll dream,
of that mermaid of mine...