Perspectives 1.5
Suspicion: John


January 2006

Disclaimers: Do you think Iíd be sitting here if I actually owned them?

Trust is such a little word but such a very big thing.

Someone should make that into a bumper sticker.

And then Iíll staple copies of it to the foreheads of some of the people around here. Like Bates. That guy really burns me.

I can see that heís a good Marine and that heís good at his job, but damn, he gives new meaning to gung ho. Hrm, gotta remember to use that expression around Rodney. Heíll get that look on his face like he just stepped in something his cat hacked up.

But getting back to Bates... Actually, he has a similar expression, and itís reserved solely for screw-ups who get shoe-horned into a mission at the last minute, kill his commanding officer, and to add insult to injury, end up as his CO. Every time the guy looks at me, I know heís wishing Iíd been the one to die instead of Sumner.


I wonder if thatís part of his problem with Teyla? Sumner died after being captured with her people, and sheís their leader. Maybe in some weird way Bates blames Teyla for the colonelís death.

Or maybe heís just a hardass Marine doing his job, trying to keep a handful of scientists alive, cut off from home, and dealing with a CO who never bothered to read the book, never mind follow it.

It doesnít really matter when you come right down to it. He is a soldier, and heíll follow my orders. Itís a good thing itís never likely to come to a showdown between Elizabeth and me. I think everyone but Elizabeth knows what would happen. But she trusts me not to let that happen.

I guess maybe she does know, at that.

She trusts me. I donít think anyoneís trusted me since my mom died. Well, except Tim Finnigan, but he knew that if I told anyone what we did that summer we were sixteen, Iíd be outing myself too.

And I... I trust my team. Ford, Teyla... and Rodney.


Iím not sure how I came to trust the single most irritating man in two galaxiesóand considering Kavanagh and Bates, thatís saying somethingóbut I do. I know that heíll bitch and moan and bitch some more, but in the end, heíll come through.

And then when itís all over, heíll shove some new piece of Ancient tech under my nose and demand that I turn it on. Fordíll laugh and try to name it, and Teyla will give us that amused look while she watches our backs.

Yeah, trust is a pretty big thing.




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