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Atlantis Rising: John


July 2005

Disclaimers: Do you think I’d be sitting here if I actually owned them?

What the hell am I doing here? I was a freakin’ taxi driver for a general from McMurdo to a top secret installation, and suddenly I’m heading for another galaxy? What the fuck is that?

And how did I end up at Cheyenne Mountain, about to step through a stargate, something that I’d never heard of a week before? Why did I trust my life to an anthropologist and a physicist I don’t know from Adam? Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay—sounds like a movie rating talk show.

But Jackson seemed to know what he was talking about, in an eager puppyish sort of way, and McKay... well, I think I like him despite himself. He needs a gag, of course, but he comes up with solutions, so far as I can see. Even once we got here, he realized the problem before anyone else did, and he was working on solutions. I don’t know if he’d have come up with anything before the city itself made it moot, but he was doing more than anyone else.

But God, the things that happened. Sumner. The Wraith. Was I right to go after our people? We don’t leave people behind, but Sumner died anyway—at my hand—and were Teyla and Bates and Halling and the other’s lives worth the literally thousands who’ll die now that the Wraith have come out of hibernation early?

And that’s entirely my fault.

I convinced Dr. Weir that it was the right thing to do—and it was—but all those lives are on my shoulders now. Right or wrong, and I still think it was right, everyone who dies at Wraith hands in the next half century is going to be my responsibility.

And they thought Jack the Ripper was bad.

But you know, I still don’t regret it. I’d like it if I could sleep without seeing Sumner or that damned ugly, creepy Wraith bitch. And I don’t care if that’s not politically correct.

But it would be nice if there wasn’t a psycho, life-sucking alien race out to destroy us.

Dr. Weir and Teyla tried to make me feel better, but I think I’ll go find Rodney. He always has a unique way of putting things into perspective.


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