Interrogation IV:
Twist of Fate

Orithain and Nicole S.

Fall 1998

Disclaimer: They don't belong to us, they belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox. Please don't sue us.

Fox Mulder had been in custody for just over two weeks now. Shot down behind enemy lines, he was a prisoner at SS headquarters. Every day he was interrogated; every day he kept his mouth shut. Every day he was forced to perform sexual acts on Commandant Krycek; every day he enjoyed it a little bit more.

The shackles and chains that bound him had built up welts, bruises and scabs along his wrists and ankles. He was still chained every day after the Commandant left him naked and trembling from another session. This was made a little more bearable by a cot and a blanket. For being such a good cocksucker, he was granted food, once a day, in the morning.

Krycek still beat him relentlessly, trying to get Mulder to tell him about the bombing raids, but he could not. He would never tell him. If he did, the beatings and sex would stop. He did not want to lose the human contact of Krycek's body. It made this incarceration bearable.

The heavy door to the cell swung open with its familiar clang. It was one of the guards bringing his daily meal of bread, water and a weak broth. He set the tray down on the shelf that jutted out of the wall and proceeded to unshackle Mulder.

"Don't try anything, Lt. Mulder. There is another guard outside that will shoot you in your pretty little face if you do."

The guard put the tray on the cot beside Mulder. Mulder remained silent, rubbing his wrists and ankles, pins and needles shooting through his feet and hands.

The guard lingered. He was to watch him eat then take the tray, lest Mulder ambush the Commandant with it later.

Mulder started to eat the food quickly. He knew from past experience that if the guard was ready to go and the food was not eaten, it would be taken away. Hungrily, he chewed the meager slice of bread, alternating with sips from the broth and water.

"You are lucky, Lt. Mulder, to be a special prisoner of the Third Reich."

Mulder looked up at the guard over his bowl of broth. He remained silent, but the guard continued.

"For such a pretty boy, you would be dead for sure in the camps. Or raped. We do not tolerate impurities like homosexuality here. A firing squad would be a fit punishment for the likes of people like that. In the kidneys or bowels. A nice, slow death. From the private in the trenches to the Fuehrer, it is not tolerated. Ever. That is why they get the pink triangle. To single them out."

Mulder shoved the last piece of bread in his mouth and washed it down with the tiny sip of water that remained in the tin cup. He still said nothing.

The guard picked up the tray and put it on the shelf. He kept an eye on Mulder as he turned to re-shackle him. Mulder was already lying down on his cot, blanket over him, arms over his head, feet stretched out, awaiting the chains. The guard bound Mulder again, picked up the tray and left.

A smile crossed Mulder's face. He now had a bargaining tool. It was obvious that no one knew what Krycek did to him. If anyone did find out, he would be disgraced, stripped of his rank and shot.

Commandant Krycek was pissed off. Seething as a matter of fact. That American fuck did not tell him about the bombings that killed many in Hamburg last night. Krycek was dragged from his bed at two in the morning by his superiors, demanding to know how this happened, why had he not extracted the information from Lt. Mulder? Being screamed at for two hours by your superiors while standing at attention in the middle of the night was not a happy occurrence.

Krycek wanted to come over right away and beat Lt. Mulder senseless, but he was called to an emergency meeting by the Fuehrer. Promises of victory were shouted, a strong Germany would rise above the rest of the world. Krycek knew this was not true. The Americans were advancing; the Russians had recaptured much of the territory that he himself had stolen from them. The writing was on the wall, and it seemed that only Krycek could see it. He was a soldier, a leader, a fighter, and he knew when a fight was going to be lost.

Running on just a few hours sleep, he left the meeting about 11:00 a.m. and went over to the prison to see Mulder. He stomped down the hallway to Mulder's cell, screaming at one of the guards to open the door, his riding crop at the ready.

The guard trembled as he fumbled with the keys. He had heard many stories about Commandant Krycek and did not want to be on the receiving end of that crop.

"Give me those, you clumsy fool." Krycek snatched the key ring from the guard and opened it himself. He flung the door open to see Mulder, lying in comfort on his cot with his blanket. He turned to the guard. "Leave us alone. I do not want anyone coming in here. Do you understand?"

"Jawohl, Herr Commandant." The guard raised his arm in salute and scurried back to his post. Krycek did not return the salute.

Krycek slammed the door behind him and stood there for a second. He was seething. He took the two steps to Mulder's cot and ripped the blanket off him. As for the past couple of days, Mulder was hard and waiting for him. That, however, was going to have to wait. The crop came down on Mulder's stomach, leaving a red welt.

Mulder cried out in pain.

Krycek's eyes narrowed. He unshackled Mulder, who pressed himself into a ball in the corner of the cell. Krycek overturned the cot in a rage, kicking it before turning his attention to Mulder. He took a deep breath before striking him over and over with the crop.

"You fucking American dog. You little piece of shit! You knew they were going to bomb Hamburg. You knew it, and you did not tell me! After all I did for you. You little fuck! I should just kill you."

"Stop! Stop!"

"What? Dogs cannot speak! Shut up until I tell you to speak!" A flood of expletives in German ran out of his mouth as he beat Mulder.

"Stop it! Stop or I'll tell them. I'll tell them you're a homosexual."

Krycek's hand was raised, about to bring another blow to Mulder. He was sweating and breathing heavily. His face was red, the vein in his neck stood out, throbbing with his pulse.


"If you don't stop beating me, I will tell the guards what you do to me." Mulder winced in pain. He had scratches, welts and cuts all over his body, especially on his hands and arms, where he tried to block the blows.

Krycek sat down on the floor in front of Mulder. "You are lying."

"I'll do it. I want you to let me go, or I'll fucking do it." Mulder leaned his head back against the brick wall. Krycek's eyes showed a glimmer of fear.

"You know it will destroy you. You will be sent to a camp with a pink triangle sewn on your clothes, available to be raped or worse. That would be the upside. The downside is that your SS cronies will beat you, torture you and leave you to die a slow and painful death."

Krycek let the riding crop drop to the floor and put his head in his hands. "I cannot."

"Yes, you can! You run this prison, you can tell them to let me go. Do it or I'll blow the whistle on you!"

"I cannot. They will kill you or worse. Have you ever seen someone shot in the spine as they are running away? If you get them just right, they are paralyzed but still alive. Then they are thrown in a mass grave to die, smothered by corpses."

A shock ran through Mulder. These people were sick. All of them, sick fucking bastards. Krycek did have a point though. What good was escape if he wound up dead? Mulder had another idea.

"Take your clothes off."

Krycek looked up at his prisoner. His mouth watered at the blood from the cuts running down his arms to drip on the floor.

"Didn't you hear me? Undress! I will call the guards if you don't."

Krycek stood and started removing his clothing.

"Leave the boots off; I want you completely naked."

Krycek removed the last of the clothing and was pushed down on all fours by Mulder. He panicked as he felt Mulder's large erection tease his small opening. No preparation, no lubrication. "Wait!"

"No. You are going to know what it feels like, you Nazi pig!" Mulder grabbed the hair on the top of Krycek's head and pulled it for emphasis. He pushed his cock in the tight opening, forcing it wider.

Krycek cried out in pain. This hurt, a lot. He could not do anything; the strength seemed to leave his body as Mulder forced his way inside of him. Krycek was trembling; his arms gave out, and his head went down to rest on the floor. Ass high in the air, face down, the ultimate position of submission.

Mulder started thrusting in and out of Krycek, wanting him to feel every stroke down to his core. "You are a fucking pig, all of you are pigs. You all have this sick, twisted fantasy of killing and torturing innocent people. How does it feel, huh? How does it fucking feel to be on the receiving end for once?" Mulder slammed into Krycek, sweat forming on his brow.

Krycek was biting his lip to hold back whimpers of pain. Tears welled up in his eyes. He kept silent, lest he beg a prisoner to stop. One thing he would never, ever do was beg.

Finally, Mulder came with a cry into the Nazi, milking his cock of the last drops before pulling out and shoving Krycek down on the floor. A trickle of blood ran down one of Krycek's legs. He noticed he did not come.

"Get dressed and get the fuck out! I want out of this cell; I want out of this prison; I don't care what you have to do, just do it. I know you have POW camps for Americans. Put me there, with my own people!"

Krycek stood up and made his way over to his clothing that hung on the pegs on the wall. His legs were shaking. He did not want to meet the gaze of the other man. Quickly, he dressed, picked up the riding crop and stood before his prisoner, his eyes still averted from Mulder's gaze.

"I will not bother you again. I will transfer you to a stalag tomorrow." He knew that another long session of yelling from his superiors would follow, but he did not care. He just wanted to be rid of this man. This man who nearly destroyed him with mere words. He turned and opened the door to leave.

"Wait!" A thought suddenly crossed Mulder's mind. If Krycek walked through that door, it would all be over! This would be the last time he saw Krycek. No more tiny bits of affection, no more sex, no more conversations. He would be a number in a camp, fighting for scraps of food, for his life. Mulder panicked.

"Don't go."

Krycek stopped in his tracks. He turned to find Mulder standing behind him. Mulder reached out and placed his hand on his arm.

"Stay. Please."

Krycek closed the door gently. He finally looked into Mulder's tear-filled eyes.

"Don't go," Mulder whispered as he leaned forward to hug Krycek. "Don't leave me. I won't tell, I won't tell. I'm sorry. Don't leave me alone." He was sobbing now, clinging to Krycek for dear life. "I won't tell, I'll never tell, please don't leave me."

Mulder sank to the floor and started licking Krycek's boots.

Krycek's jaw dropped. What the hell was going on here? Did Mulder actually care for him? Had he gone mad? He looked down at the naked man clinging to his legs, licking his boots. He reached down and brought Mulder up to face him.

"You do this now? After what you just did to me?" His fingers closed around Mulder's neck and shoved him against the wall. "You raped me."

"I'm sorry," Mulder squeaked through the hand around his throat.

"You made me bleed. You hurt me." Krycek shoved Mulder down to the ground.

Mulder cried out in pain as his ankle twisted. A small snap was heard.

Krycek reached down and grabbed the injured limb, wrenching it so Mulder would hurt some more, eliciting another horrific cry. "You are in more trouble than you know, my lieutenant." He then smacked Mulder across the face, sending him flying. He grabbed Mulder by the hair. "We will have no more of this bullshit! You belong to me! Is that clear?"


"Say it!"

"I belong to you."

"Good." Krycek let a brief smile cross his face before a leer replaced it. He stood over Mulder who was trembling. "Now. Fix the cot! Bring this place to order!" Krycek yelled as he went to undress himself again.

Mulder tried to work fast to right the cot and spread the blanket on it. He found it hard with his injured ankle, which was surely broken.

"On all fours, Lieutenant."

Mulder obeyed his captor. The anticipation of what was to happen next shot adrenaline through his veins. His cock was starting to harden, and his nipples stiffened.

Krycek roughly thrust a finger into Mulder, working it in and out, watching the opening get wider and wider until a second finger joined it.

"You have angered me, Lt. Mulder. You should know better than to get me angry. I have a reputation for being very hard on people, and I make no exceptions."

A third finger was added to Krycek's teasing. He smiled as Mulder let out a small moan and started gyrating against his fingers.

"Now. I am going to fuck you, but you may not come. I am not going to touch you. You are not going to touch yourself. Is that clear?"

"Yes," Mulder whimpered.

"Good." Krycek spat on his hands liberally, lubricating his cock as much as he could before he started to enter Mulder. He briefly considered taking the American dry as he had done to Krycek only a few minutes earlier, but it would be harder for Mulder to hold back his orgasm if he was enjoying it.

Mulder sucked in his breath. The keen sense of pleasure masked the pain in his ankle. He held back, as Krycek had commanded him, angling his ass so Krycek would not strike his prostate. Krycek forced him back into position so that he could hit that pleasure point, only releasing him when Mulder's desperate whimpers told him he would not be able to hold back any longer.

"You have such a sweet ass, Lt. Mulder. Your ass belongs to me. You remember that when I am fucking you."

Alex had a hand on each of Mulder's hips, thrusting back and forth. He was sweating again, every stroke bringing him closer to his orgasm. He could not resist and bent over Mulder, licking the smooth skin, drinking in his scent. There were a few cuts on Mulder's back that Krycek licked before kneeling upright again. He quickened his pace, pumping hard into Mulder, bringing his hips to meet his thrusts. He came with a cry and a groan as he collapsed on the man under him. They were joined for a few seconds before Krycek removed himself from Mulder's ass.

Krycek then went over and sat on the cot, reaching over to get his handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe off his cock.

Mulder sat on the floor, his erection throbbing; he could feel his balls begging for release.

Krycek looked at Mulder. His ankle was quite swollen and turning purple; the shackles would never fit over it now. "Stand," he commanded.

Mulder complied, but he could not put any weight on the ankle and instead leaned back against the wall.

"You make a very pretty picture, Lt. Mulder. Your cock is very pretty as well. Now. I want you to pleasure yourself, and when you are done, you may lie beside me. But! Only if you do a good job. Only if I enjoy it as much as you do. If I do not, you will stand there until I am satisfied."

Mulder closed his eyes and swallowed. He could do this. He opened his eyes again and looked at Krycek sitting on his cot. His eyes seemed to glow in the dim light of the cell. He grabbed onto his cock and started gently stroking it. His other hand ran up and lightly caressed his chest, pinching a nipple. He gasped as he continued to look into those icy green eyes. His hand on his cock gripped tighter, his thumb spreading the pre-cum around. He pinched a nipple again, making himself moan out loud.

Krycek's cock reacted to the moan. He could feel it stir and harden. He would have to make sure Lt. Mulder relieved him again before he left.

Mulder's hand was pumping fast on his cock, his eyes were closed, and his lips were parted slightly. The hand that had been pinching his nipples was now lower down, fondling his balls. Suddenly, he gasped and moaned as he came onto the floor in front of him. He milked his cock of the last remaining drops before opening his eyes.

Krycek was hard again after that display. He motioned for Mulder to come to him. He then licked a drop of cum off of the tip of Mulder's softening cock before bringing him down to lie beside him on the cot.

There was not much room, but Mulder was grateful for the contact. Krycek was so warm, like a furnace was glowing inside somewhere. He snuggled down into the shoulder before him as a strong arm came around to caress his hair.

"I will tell the guards not to shackle your swollen ankle."

Mulder kissed Krycek's shoulder. "Thank you."

Krycek smiled. It had only taken two weeks to break this man, to make him feel that he could not live without him. Now, if he could only get him out of this prison and into his quarters, he would be able to amuse himself with the pretty American whenever he wanted.

Mulder's kisses moved down from Krycek's shoulder to a nipple. He latched onto it, sucking and teasing it to complete hardness.

Krycek sucked in his breath; Lt. Mulder was now instigating sex. Oh yes, he had him completely.

Mulder moved down Krycek's abdomen, sucking and nipping at the skin. He then moved on to the erection that was bobbing in the air. He wrapped his lips around the head and moved down, quickly and efficiently bringing his captor to orgasm.

Krycek closed his eyes and wove his fingers through Mulder's hair as he felt his balls release their fluid. Mulder's mouth was quite proficient at this activity.

Mulder licked Krycek clean before moving back up to lie beside him, kissing him, sharing his own taste with him. He then settled down beside him, feeling Krycek's arms come around him again.

Krycek held him for a few minutes before speaking. "I have to go now, Lt. Mulder." He rose and began getting dressed.

Mulder continued to lie on the cot, soaking in the warmth Krycek left behind.

When he was fully dressed, Krycek crouched before the cot. "Do we understand each other? There will be no more of what happened today. You belong to me now."

"Yes," Mulder whispered.

Krycek turned Mulder's head to meet his gaze. "Good. I will see you tomorrow then." He let Mulder's head drop back to the cot, where he instinctively curled up into a little ball. Krycek placed the blanket over his captive before turning and leaving the cell.

Mulder lay motionless on his cot, watching the door, waiting for Krycek to come back to him. Only when the other man was with him, telling him what to do, did he feel complete now.


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