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Lost lonely highways, 19th century English culture, German imigrants, boogey men, victory gardens, angels of stone, darkling days, chalk and cheese, jazz basslines, love, shimmering gleaming guitars, kites, joan of arc, marika, world war two, cemetry gates, the beatles, old celtic folk tunes, deserted towns, downtown weekday highway crosswalks, the sky, the trees, flowers, teenage girls in soft white dresses, tears, gloves, dancing as the boat goes down, laws, freedom, soaring, spanish armies of the 16th century, monsters, grace

The Bats, Jeff Buckley, Cowboy Junkies, Innocence Mission, John & Mary, Freedy Johnston, Mary Margaret O'Hara, R.E.M., The Smiths, The Sundays, 10,000 Maniacs

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Hello, and welcome. Thank you for visiting the Impryan Emporium. My name is Joseph, and I am a 16-year old man from Tulsa, Oklahoma (and no, we don't have covered wagons and we do have grocery stores here!). This is a website about the music I love and have cherished most of my mature life. Allow me to explain the purposes of this website:

"A thinking person is going to be more naturally attracted to music composed by people that have intellectual pursuits in their lives. There's more to life than hating your parents."

-John Lombardo


The above quote is precisely the theory this website is based upon; the theory that there is a higher level of existance within man, and that this more thoughtful state of living produces the most tasteful, artistic music to be heard. The artists I have profiled here, in my personal opinion, convey this enlightenment both through superb, innovative musicianship as well as insightful, well-worded lyrics which convey not only a sense of history and intelligence, but useful observation of the world around the artist.

As I live in a part of the world which is, as a general rule, distant from the type of music I so cherish, my experiences come more from collecting and listening to albums rather than experiencing live performances, which is unfortunate for me, yet I work with what I know (although I am planning on attending college in Pennsylvania and eventually Germany). The word "Impryan" is a created word based upon "Empryan", a word representing "sky", "heaven" or anything celestial in general. I feel this is an appropriate title for the site. I hope you enjoy this bit of work I managed to contribute to the web during my sophmore/junior computer class. Enjoy and keep listening!

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The BatsJeff Buckley
Cowboy JunkiesDowny Mildew
EquationThe Innocence Mission
John & MaryFreedy Johnston
Mary Margaret O'HaraR.E.M.
The SmithsThe Sundays
10,000 ManiacsVagabond Lovers

hDon't see your favorite artist(s) here? Well check the additional artists page. Still think something's missing? Well then by all means, write me, and let me know. If you would like to create a profile for an artist, feel free to do so, I will gladly add it.

all discertions and writings coyright Joe Franklin.