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(10-5-00) We played a song on Monday in front of the whole school in promotion for our show that was scedualed for tomorrow. But, long-short, we had some complications, so we're moving it back a few weeks to Halloween night, it outta be good. Plus, we have a keyboard player now, his name's Duncan, so we have somewhat of a Get Up Kids edge now. And finally, the stickers are finally gonna be done in about a week, so you can order them after that. Later!

(9-11-00) The whole band's back at school now, and we've got a lot of really good new stuff we've been working on. Basically the latest news, is that Charlie has gotten in another accident, so he's out for a little while. So the current situation is basically, Dave's filling in on drums for as long as Charlie's out, and we're playing with one guitar for now. It shouldn't be that bad though, we wouldn't play if it was. But so far we've got two shows scedualed, so come on out if ya can. Later!

(8-18-00) Well, it's been a really long time since I've updated. Sorry to keep both of you waiting, heh heh. But anyways, we go back to school September 7th. From that day forward, the rock will begin! Keep checking the Shows page, cause we're gonna have a bunch of dates coming up. Look for us in Delaware, New Jersey, and course the West Chester, Pa. area. Oh yeah, I'm very stoked to say, we have a new member in our band, our good pal Dave (who also played drums on the EP). But anyways, he'll be playing guitar (he's a multi-talented guy), it outta be rockin' - we can add some extra depth to our music. Well, that's all for now. I'll prolly be updating more frequently now that the bands about to start rollin. Catch ya later!

(6-4-00) We finished recording the demo yesterday, and in all honesty, it sounds fuckin good! Unfortunatly however, our drummer Charlie had to have surgery the previous day (he was doing a hard-core bike trick) so he couldn't be there to record with us. But luckly, our good pal Dave who recorded us, is also kickass drummer, so he filled in with no problems at all. Anyways, if you get the chance, it's well worth the 5 bucks. Later!

(6-2-00) We're recording the entire demo tomorrow in one long shebang, so it'll be available for order the following day(Sunday). It's gonna have the two crowd favorites plus one new one (and by "new" I mean we just learned it yesterday) but it outta be good. It's a pretty well-rounded selection. The first track sounds a lot like At The Drive-in (their more emo, less Rage Against The Machine sounding stuff) mixed with a little New Found Glory (odd combonation, I know). The next is little more like Promise Ring or Piebald. The final one is almost pop-punk or something, like it kinda sounds like Blink 182, it's a little bit out of our style, but people seem to like it. But anyways, it should be pretty good. Peace out.

(5-26-00) Well, the possibility of us getting a show in before the end of the year is looking less and less likely. Basically we have about a week of classes left and the following week is exams (which some of us have to study our asses off for). And after that, we all go back home. Charlie and Andrew live around here, but Jon lives in New Hampshire and Rob lives in Tenessee, so most likely no shows over the summer. But we're still gonna try and see if we can pull something off in the next two weeks. We'll letcha know. Later!

(5-22-00) Our last show on Friday went really well, we outta be playing another one soon (featuring our punk buddies The Supposed) so stay posted on the date for that. See ya!

(5-15-00) We've just received an offer from Fuckin' Eh! zine of Canada to get a review of our demo (once its completed), to be in the zine. The demo should also get some airplay on college radio in Detroit, so if you're in that area, stay tuned. Catch ya later.

(5-10-00)We've made plans to start recording a demo on 5-27-00, it outta be done that weekend, at which point you can begin to order them from us, I'll letcha know when its totally done, later.

(4-26-00) Well, we played our first show last Friday (minus Rob the guitarist) it kicked some ass. Gotta go later!

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